Thursday, April 04, 2013

Guest Blog: Fred Carrol: What's The Plan, Stan? More Thoughts On Centerscam

  Below is a guest blog from resident Fred Carrol. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers. "Dr." Fred Carrol has shared his thoughts with us many times before via guest blog- his last can be read here:  "Thoughts on Homelessness". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What's The Plan, Stan? More Thoughts On Centerscam......Firstly, let me say that I only occasionally deal to any great extent with so called "facts", finding rumor, hearsay, gossip, speculation, and innuendo to be much more reliable tools for getting at "the truth" of a given situation. That said, let me state my basic premise for this blog and then dance with a few details in due time......My basic premise is that Centerplan's plan for "Developing" the area in question may in fact be the best thing that ever was about to happen to Middletown, CT., America, or the whole world, but THAT is NOT Centerscam's motivation for attempting to do this thing.......Centerscam [and all like minded parties] have one motive and one motive only.....and IT IS NOT TO BENEFIT MIDDLETOWN!.,.....okay?
Can we get that little detail straight? A [small] bunch of REALLY BIG DOPES has "a plan" to make some fast, stupid money and that, Ladies and Gentlemen is all there is to it.....okay? Does ANYONE [even N.E.A.T.] not see that?! Okay, great, so some figuratively and literally Big Dumb Dopes decides dat dey is gonna make some money, hey, you gotta problem wit dat? No, I didn't tink so, so dey starts da process of changing the rules so they don't have to break the rules [clever, eh?], and a bunch folks who "fear change" jump up [and down] about "Oh my gosh. you are going to ruin the neighborhood that I have been investing blood sweat and tears in, why?" and the answer comes back; "Shut up, we knows whats is best fuh everybody.....forget about it, eh?" So that is clearly where the the thing currently stands, sits, or whatever it is; now, for some speculation......NEAT gets an office in the new development and Mayor Dan gets no second term, having shown himself to be "More whore than Democrat" for his support of this idiocy......even as supporting Linda Mcwhatshername cost Republican Mayor Seb G. and Councilman Davis B. their respective Offices [or "job" as it's regarded around these parts].

Thank You Fred Carroll


  1. When you read around Fred's nuttiness. Your realize he is more sane then the political idiots running this city. I too think Drew is undeserving of a second term. No doubt about it.

  2. personally, I'm not a fan boy of Dan Drew... but he is something of a breath of fresh air.. I think it is way past time to have someone new and not a re-cycling of all the past mayors that we've had. Maybe someday they might even work on all of the empty car dealership on Newfield Rd or the empty waldbaums on rte66.

  3. More like the stench In a portable toilet. He was convenient to put in as mayor, so he could be used as a pawn. The kid is useless. And won't be missed at all. He's egomaniacal in his approach and comes off as a prick. I think it's because he actually is.


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