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Open Letter: Vote No to E-Cert Gun Control Bill

Today at the state capital the legislature is voting on a historic gun control bill. This bill can be read here:,0,7067517.htmlpage

Below is an open letter to all CT Legislators originally published by Blogger JenMorezz on her website:

The author asks anyone who wishes to sign and send this letter to all representatives.

Call and email The following people:
Speaker Rep. Brendan Sharkey
House Minority Leader Rep. Larry Cafero
860-240-0028 ,
House Majority Leader Rep. Joe Aresimowicz
860-240-8581 ,
Senate Minority Leader Senator John McKinney
860-240-8846 ,
President of the Senate Don Williams
Majority Leader of the Senate Martin Looney
860-240-0375 , 
Well, it looks like, in the next few days, the non-emergency Emergency Certification (E-cert) bill will be placed before you, for a vote.
What are you going to do?
We, the people, are hearing all kinds of things, about this non-emergency E-Cert bill. It is quite alarming to those that believe in the Rule of Law, 2nd Amendment Rights, oaths taken, and their personal safety. I am sure many of you are also concerned.
I realize the situation you have found yourself in is not a comfortable one. It has been made harder for you, due to your current caucus leaders who are working behind closed doors crafting a “do something” piece of legislation. A piece of legislation…based on the information floating out there in the public realm, that the majority of your constituents reject.
Because we do not know the final non-emergency E-cert bill, we can only speculate on its contents…something that will currently get none of us anywhere.
So I am writing to you, to offer up some guidelines to help you determine if you should vote yes or no.
There are three components to this non-emergency E-cert bill: School Safety, Mental Health, and Gun control (let’s be clear, from what we have seen proposed over the last three months, it is not about gun violence).
1. The first thing that you should be demanding, of your respective caucus leaders, is that the bill be broken down into three separate bills. There are three very different issues and many different proposals. If they refuse to do this for you, then you need to vote NO on the whole package.
2. Next, you need to demand that you be able to offer up, and have votes taken, on amendments to the bill. You, as our elected officials have every right to have input into every piece of legislation and remove anything that was put in to “sweeten” the pot. Just because they have decided to label this bill an E-cert bill, when it clearly is not, should not allow them to take your right to fulfill your duty and role in the General assembly. If they refuse, then you need to vote NO on the whole package.
3. Lastly, you also should demand that you be able to take this proposed non-emergency E-cert bill back to your respective districts and speak with your constituents. If they refuse, then you need to vote NO on the whole package.
Prior to voting on this non-emergency E-cert bill I ask that you ask yourself these questions:
1. Is this Constitutional?
A. I understand that many are using Justice Scalia’s words, from DC vs. Heller, to say that you do have the right to limit the 2nd Amendment via what type of weapons can be banned. Unfortunately they ignore, deny, or misunderstand what he has said:
“[United States v.] Miller’s holding that the sorts of weapons protected are those “in common use at the time” finds support in the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons.”
The “sorts of weapons protected are those in common use at the time”. An ArmaLite Rifle-15 and 30 round magazines are in “common use”. This is a fact supported by the number of sales, throughout the country. A weapon that has been in use since 1963, is not an “unusual” weapon and no more dangerous than another weapon. It is a protected weapon.
B. Is it infringing on our right to keep and bear arms?
Making up requirements that will inhibit or prohibit lawful citizens from exercising their 2nd amendment Right is unconstitutional. Requiring anyone to have to pay for a “permit” to carry or own a gun infringes on one’s 2nd Amendment Right. Forcing someone to register their guns is an infringement on their right to not just own a gun, but their right to privacy.
2. Will this prevent another Sandy Hook tragedy?
If you just take a look at the number of people seeking their pistol permit, just in the state of CT, I think you will find your answer. No. There is nothing that you can legislate to change the truth. You will not be making the people of CT safer and they know it. You cannot legislate morality, the value of life, and common decency. Citizens of CT understand that their safety rest with them, not some emotionally based law that compromises their 2nd Amendment Right and does nothing but leave the citizenry unprotected…just as those children and teachers were unprotected.
Over the last few months, thousands of people have written, made phone calls, testified, and spoken out against the non-emergency E-Cert bill, and other proposed legislation. Have you listened to them…really listened…did you really hear what they said, or just lend an ear for a moment without hearing them? I have heard many of their testimony…well reasoned, thoughtful, and loaded with the facts. Do not do a disservice to your constituents and vote for a phony E-cert bill that will do nothing…nothing to change the violent culture of our country.
You cannot control evil…but you can stop bad, unconstitutional, ineffective legislation.
You can honor your oath of office to uphold the Constitution and vote NO for any bill that violates your oath…

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