Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wilson FOI Results: Alternative Senior Center Bill 90 Days Later

Over a 3 months ago Republican Town Committee Vice Chair William Wilson sent an FOI request to the City of Middletown asking for answers to a variety of public information questions. His letter was sent on
December 18, 2012.
Wilson's Original Letter and list of questions can be found here:

Although the Senior Center Committee had already engaged an architect to do schematic studies and analyze statistical data about program usage to determine the best location and program for the proposed Senior Center in Middletown, and concluded that Eckersley Hall would fit the bill, Mayor Dan Drew chose to hire another architect and do his own study. Mayor Drew proposed that an addition be put onto City Hall and with a "new council chamber overlooking the river" be included. The senior center location at Eckersley Hall and subsequent bonding for the project passed by an overwhelming majority by referendum.  Maybe Drew was jealous of the Community Health Center's glass pent house?

 Prior to this, but after the initial determination of adaptive reuse of Eckersley Hall was determined to be the best location for the senior center, taxpayers paid $3,600.00 for the schematic design and report investigating a City Hall location. 

We don't know what was concluded; as the report has never seen the light of day, however, after 3 months the bill atleast is public. Something to remember come election season!
Read the bill here:


  1. A clear violation of FOI and a disgrace, thank you William for following up on this!! Drew doesn't care about seniors or our wallets! I bet this guy was a buddy of some kind to get a $3,600 pay off.

  2. If Drew wins again, we are screwed in this city. He is on the democratic bandwagon with Obama and Malloy that is destroying this counrty and this state. Taxes will only get worse. Taxes will go up a third time with him in office? Drew winning will effect taxes and vacuum money right out of your hands. Drew has had his chance and has done nothing positive for middletown. He has done favors for already entitled persons a pond taken care of the elite instead of the common residents of this city. He bought out those who disagreed with him in retirement packages, and put in replacements who are not qulified and paid them more then ever! Wake up middletown. This isn't about Dems or republicans. It's about right and wrong.

  3. The thing is that I re-read your FOI request and it appears that you requested the documents produced by the architect and what you got was a copy of the purchase order used to hire/pay for the architect's services. You requested the product; for all you know the architect could have written a one page memo saying not a good idea, thanks for the $3,600.

    They produced a piece of what you asked for and hope that you'll now go away and bother someone else. Ask again.

  4. From Anon,

    Bill, I think that you should file a complaint with the FOI commission. After 90 days you were given a copy of the purchase order authorizing the City to pay the architect $3,600. However, that's not what you asked for: you asked for the report/document produced by the ARCHITECT regarding remodeling City Hall. This should not have been an issue: you are not asking for the City to create anything; only to provide you with a copy of whatever the architect gave to them to justify receiving $3,600.00. Please don't let them off the hook


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