Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Drew & Lesser Road Trip!

Road trip! Mayor Dan Drew drives to DC to pick up Rep. Matt Lesser to go to Democratic National Convention.
Two media sources today reported that Mayor Drew has driven to DC to pick up Rep. Matt Lesser to represent their party at the Obamapalooza Democratic National Convention this weekend in North Carolina. Are we supposed to be proud the mayor didn't fly or something? This will be the mayor's third long trip since taking office in January for his first year as mayor. Drew has already used city money to meet CT representatives in DC last spring, and take a secret trip to China to give a still secret presentation to Wesleyan affiliates already involved in the university's China program (under the guise of pitching the Aetna property), and unknown "business people".

No word yet who is footing the bill for this trip- let's hope it is the CT Democrats and not Middletown taxpayers like previous trips. Earlier today, when we didn't see the mayor mobile at City Hall we thought maybe Drew took it on a road trip, it would be a presumptuous thing to do, and frankly an abuse of power to put that much wear and tear on a piece of public property for a personal trip.But surprisingly, Dano showed some maturity and left the sweet ride presumably in Middletown. By charter, the car should be in possession of the Deputy Mayor Councilman Bob Santangelo in case of emergency, but, Santangelo did not bring the car to City Hall for the this evenings council meeting. Oh well, we can't expect everything from our boy wonder all at once. Hasn't this mayor heard most of us working folks are lucky to even get 2 weeks vacation let alone $6K gratis in travel having spent less than 8 months on the job?

Remember this guy? He is our mayor. Notice again, he is not in his office working & helping us. Don't buy into the excuse that he is representing us in this great "honor". He is politicking "representing us" in a crowd of thousands. 3 trips less than 8 months in office. $6K of OUR money spent. No expense reports, not indication of the benefit to the greater good.

Drew is giving daily updates of his trip to Patch and C-Span, chock full of trite memorized sound bytes and phony statistics much like his campaign speeches. Does Dan not realize he represents all Middletown citizens not just Democrats? Wonder if he will mention how he is milking his position for free perks & trips; how in a recession with 8% job loss he RAISED our taxes when he promised he wouldn't, or how he was away when the superintendent chaos was happening, or now as riverfront development looms? Again, Drew has left his post for the limelight.


  1. Come on he is getting his life after Middletown ready for he can move up in the political spectrum.
    He is not long for Middletown that's for sure

  2. Speaking of the Obamapalooza:

  3. Oh Steadyjohn always the witty one you are! :)

  4. holy crap is that a cheech and chong parody??? lmfao

  5. Sorry Anon 6:28 we did not get the joke at first- thanks for the comment - we enjoy hearing from readers! come backs soon! bring friends!


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