Monday, February 29, 2016

Middletown Riverfront Boathouse design study begins- Online Survey

Photo by Bill Boylan,
taken at Harbor Park
Mayor Daniel T. Drew is pleased to announce the beginning of process to design a new community boathouse and banquet facility on the Riverfront.

An online boathouse survey has been posted to collect preliminary public opinion on various aspects that are important to this process.

The online Boathouse Survey can be found at:

The public are also invited to participate in a public workshop on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 7pm in the Common Council Chambers.

East Windsor police asking for help locating missing mother, 1-year-old

For a photo of the missing woman, you will need to go to the WFSB web site.

EAST WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) - East Windsor police are asking for the public's help in locating a mother and her one-year-old son.

Police said Alexandria Smith and her son Logan Smith were last seen leaving the Mill Pond Village Apartment complex on Mill Pond Road in the Broad Brook section of town Saturday.

Police are concerned for the pairs well-being and said Alexandria left the apartment with no clothing for her or Logan.  She also does not have access to a car.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rep. Dubitsky - Upcoming Public Hearings

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Upcoming Public Hearings

As your state representative, I rely on your input to help me in crafting legislation and in deciding how to vote on pending bills. I always welcome you to share your views, interests and concerns with me.

We are now in the part of the legislative session when committees hold their public hearings on pending bills. I wanted to let you know about a few of the public hearings being held next week in case you would like to testify for or against them, or submit written testimony. These are only a few of the bills being heard, but they are some of the bills on which I have received the most interest from people in our district.

Monday, February 29th
Judiciary Committee Public Hearing 10:30 a.m. Room 1D
S.B. No. 213: An Act Concerning The Inheritance Rights Of A Beneficiary Or Survivor Who Is Found Not Guilty Of Murder Or Manslaughter By Reason Of Mental Disease Or Defect.
H.B. No. 5365: An Act Concerning Legal Protections For Persons Entering Cars To Render Emergency Assistance To Children.

The Right of the People

My Photo

A guest post from:
Roots in Ripon
22 February 2016
Chuck Roots

 The Right of the People

          Several presidential candidates were being interviewed on a television news program where questions were mostly coming from people in the audience. I was intrigued by a response Dr. Ben Carson gave when asked about his running for the office of President of the United States. He said that the first thing any voter should look for in a presidential hopeful is whether the candidate has a firm grasp and understanding of our Constitution. Here’s the rub. A deplorable number of politicians in particular; and Americans in general, evince a dreadful knowledge of the Constitution and American History.

EVENT REMINDER & NEW PROGRAM ADDITION: U.S. Senator Chris Murphy to Speak at Middlesex Chamber Breakfast on 2-29

A reminder that The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce’s February Member Breakfast with guest speaker United States Senator Chris Murphy will occur this Monday, February 29th at 8:00 a.m. at the Radisson Hotel Cromwell, full event details are below. 

A new addition to our event program is recognizing Madiha Shafqat, a 21 year-old UConn student from Middletown whose January 10th Hartford Courant Op-ed: Beneath My Headscarf, I'm As American As You spoke up against discrimination against Muslim Americans by sharing her experience wearing a headscarf. She shared her pride both as an American and a student of the University of Connecticut. Shafqat is a junior at UConn who majors in Political Science and minors in English. The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce is happy to recognize such an outstanding student as Madiha Shafqat.


Death in the Family: Trailer

Cromwell CT- Small Trailer for an Imaginary Batman Film.  (You'll get a kick out of this!)

Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen - Legislative Alert - Events Schedule


Public Safety and Security Committee

The Public Safety and Security Committee will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 11:00 A.M. in Room 1C of the LOB.  Sign-up for the hearing will begin 9:00 A.M. and conclude at 10:00 A.M. in Room 1C of the LOB.  Please submit 35 copies of written testimony to Committee staff from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. in Room 1C of the LOB.  Testimony received after the designated time may not be distributed until after the hearing.  Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to
Limit testimony to matters related to the items on the Agenda. The first hour of the hearing is reserved for Legislators, Constitutional Officers and Chief Elected Municipal Officials.  Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony.  The Committee encourages witnesses to submit a written statement and to condense oral testimony to a summary of that statement. All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information.  As such, it will be made available on the CGA website and indexed by internet search engines.

SUBJECT MATTER:   Various Public Safety Related Issues

CCDL: Public Hearing on Gun Bills - Next Meeting March 8th

ALERT! Public Hearing on Gun Bills


The Public Safety and Security Committee will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 11:00 A.M. in Room 2E of the LOB. Sign-up for the hearing will begin 9:00 A.M. and conclude at 10:00 A.M. in Room 2E of the LOB. Please submit 35 copies (bring a few extra) of written testimony to committee staff at 9:00 A.M. in Room 2E of the LOB. Testimony received after the designated time may not be distributed until after the hearing.

Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to The committee requests that testimony be limited to matters related to the items on the Agenda. The first hour of the hearing is reserved for legislators, constitutional officers, state agency heads and chief elected municipal officials. Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony.

Planning, Conservation and Development Weekly Newsletter for February 26, 2016

City of Middletown Department of Planning, Conservation and Development

Weekly Newsletter for February 26, 2016

UPCOMING MEETINGS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Riverfront Boathouse Design Workshop
Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 7:00 PM, Council Chambers

Please join us to help design the new community boathouse for the Riverfront. This community facility will be the heart of the riverfront and we need you input. You can sign up on Facebook at: or email

RECENT COMMISSION ACTIONS-------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Planning and Zoning Commission
Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 7:00pm, Council Chambers

- - APPROVED a two-lot resubdivision for parcel occupied by two separate businesses located at 911-913 Washington Street.  Applicant/agent Henry Silvestri   S2015-5

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Letter: Consensus between Trump and Sanders Supporters

Photo from
Dear Editor,

What I have learned from spending an evening in a room filled and evenly shared by supporters of Trump and Sanders is that there is a consensus between the two. The bulk of the new blood in this year's campaign for President is motivated by people saying what they honestly believe, over the pandering of those who merely say things to curry the favor of a reluctant electorate.

There is a revolt against the puppet show that the masters behind the curtains must fear. Our political system is corrupted by big money. It does not serve the vast majority. Its vanguard is an endless stream of politicians who take money to spread their hollow words far and wide in exchange for influence that renders whatever they promise the rest of us irrelevant. The quid pro quo is thinly veiled. The people are registering their discontent.

Photo by
The itch for a revolution is just beneath the surface, and the voters are beginning to scratch. If reform does not come soon, our republic may enter a future where elections that do not seem to make a difference today are replaced by ones that do. Scary stuff for the masters of the status quo. If our leaders do not answer the call of the Middletown Straw Poll, they may well be replaced by new leaders who will.


John Kilian

Editor's note:  John Kilian organized the straw poll fundraising event of January 25th, held at Camp's Restaurant, to benefit the CT Trees of Honor Memorial.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Como dijo el Presidente Reagan "El futuro no pertenece a los pusilánimes; pertenece a los valientes."

State Senator Len Fasano

Connecticut Senate Republicans are dedicated to making Connecticut a stronger state where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We have a message of hope and opportunity for all.

To help spread that message, our 2016 Senate Republican Legislative Address is now available in Spanish. Click here to watch and share.

Como dijo el Presidente Reagan "El futuro no pertenece a los pusilánimes; pertenece a los valientes."

Tenemos que ser valientes, tenemos que ser innovadores, y no tenemos que tener miedo.

Senator Len Fasano

Gracias y Dios les bendiga a todos.
- Senator Len Fasano

And in English, too!

Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen - Environment Committee Public Hearing, More

Dedicated to the protection, promotion and preservation of hunting, fishing, trapping and the scientific wildlife management programs which support them

ct-capitol-buildingWednesday, February 24, 2016

The Environment Committee will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 12:00 P.M. in Room 2B of the LOB. Sign-up for the hearing will take place at 8:30 A.M. in the First Floor Atrium of the LOB. Any individual wishing to sign up after the start of the public hearing may do so with Committee staff inside the hearing room.

Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to PDF format is strongly preferred. Testimony should clearly state testifier name and related Bills. The Committee requests that testimony be limited to matters related to the items on the Agenda.

The first hour of the hearing is reserved for Legislators, Constitutional Officers, State Agency Heads and Chief Elected Municipal Officials. Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony.

March Events Schedule for Russell Library

Russell Library
Russell Library 123 Broad Street, Middletown, CT



Russell Library Hours for March 2016

Russell Library, 123 Broad St. in Middletown is open 9am-8:30pm Monday through Thursday; 9am-6pm on Fridays; Saturdays 9am-5pm. Sunday hours 1pm – 4pm. The Library will be closed Friday, March 25 and Sunday, March 27. 

All library programs are free of charge.


Ray Mount Puppets from the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry

March 1 – March 31, 2016. Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown. Puppets from the Ray Mount Puppet collection at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry will be on exhibit in the lobby case at the Russell Library this March.

Ray and Betty Mount began performing hand puppet shows in San Francisco in the 1950's. Later moving to Branford, Connecticut, they continued performing, primarily at colleges and universities. Ray Mount's adaptation of George Peele's Elizabethan play, "The Old Wives' Tale" was performed several times in the Northeast in the 1960's and 70's.

This exhibit is part of the Shakespeare 400 Passport by ArtFarm.

Jean Maynard Paintings  

March 1 - March 31, 2016. Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown. Jean Maynard grew up on Long Island's south shore and later lived in Wickford, Rhode Island, near Narragansett Bay, for several years. The nearness of the sea is frequently seen in her work. Her love of flowers and architecture are also recurring themes.

For more than twenty years she has been a member of the French Connection, a group of painters who paint together eight months of the year. She is also a member of the Art League of Middletown.

She has studied in Les Gras, France, and earned a MALS degree from Wesleyan University.

While Homicides Committed by People with Firearms Continues to Decline . . .

Obama will spend $25,000 per Homicide to fight the “Epidemic of Gun Violence”


February 23, 2016 Coach Collins Leave a comment

By Doug Book, Editor at "Coach is Right"

The $4.1 trillion budget Barack Hussein submitted to congress at the beginning of the month includes a request for hundreds of millions in extra cash to beef up the left’s assault against the 2nd Amendment.

According to The Hill, “The ATF budget request is $1.3 billion, of which more than $35 million will be spent hiring 200 additional agents to reduce gun violence. The FBI is also requesting more money to hire an additional 230 employees to speed up the process to background checks on gun sales.”

And what is it that constitutes the so-called “epidemic of gun violence” that brought crocodile tears to the eyes of the most corrupt president the national media has ever shielded from justice? Mass killings and assorted firearm homicides.

What follows are statistics which the American public will never be provided by the White House.

Mass Killings

1) In the last decade of the 20th Century, 49 mass killings took place in the United States. (Murders of multiple victims by an armed assailant). In the first decade of the 21st Century, 26 mass killings took place.

Armed Citizen Saves Police Officer During Violent Attack

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood praised the efforts of licensed gun owner who came to the aid of a police officer who was surrounded by 40 or so kids on Friday. An officer was attempting to break up two teens involved in an altercation near Upper Darby High School in Upper Darby Township, Pa. when one of the teens attacked the officer. Soon after, the other teen began attacking the officer, and then a crowd that had gathered to watch the fight advanced on him as well. A resident of the neighborhood, and Right-to-Carry permit holder, became aware of the situation, retrieved a gun and confronted the mob. The resident was able to stop the group from attacking the officer until additional police could arrive.

Following the incident, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told a local media outlet, “If it wasn't for the good Samaritan stepping forward, he'd have been dead meat… There's no doubt they (the crowd) would have attacked him.”

"He had the gun in his hand, but he didn't point it at the kids, he just told them to back off," Chitwood said. "If this guy didn't come out and come to the aid of the officer, this officer would have had significant problems."

One more example demonstrating that the mere presence of an armed citizen is a deterrent to crime.

The officer who initially broke up the fight suffered a significant injury to his hand, and another officer suffered a major leg injury when one of the attackers kicked him.

Read more at:
 (Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia, Pa. 02/10/16)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rep. Lesser to Host Foreclosure Prevention Clinic at Russell Library

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I will be hosting a Foreclosure Prevention Clinic on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm at Russel Library, 123 Broad Street, in Middletown.

The free clinic is open to any Connecticut homeowner facing foreclosure and no pre-registration is required.

Memorial Day Parade May 30, Participants Sought

(photos from 2010 Memorial Day Parade, by Bill Boylan)

The City of Middletown and the Middletown Council of Veterans will be sponsoring the annual Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 30, 2016.  The theme this year is Honoring Gulf War Veterans.

The parade will start at 10:30 am at Spring and Main Street, move south on Main Street to Union Green at Pleasant and Main Street.

There will be a ceremony on Union Green after the parade.

Peter Lumaj to be Keynote Speaker at Lincoln Day Dinner

Photo by Bill Boylan, 2005

The Meriden Republican Party

Cordially invites you to attend the Third Annual

Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday, March 5, 2016
IL Monticello, 577 South Broad St., Meriden, CT

Keynote Speaker

Attorney and Radio Personality Peter Lumaj

6 p.m. Cash Bar & Appetizers
Homemade Pizza, Stuffed Breads, Bruschetta, Cheese,
Crackers and Pepperoni, Vegetable Crudité

7 p.m. Dinner Tossed salad with Vinaigrette, served family style
Penne w/ Marinara, served family style

Chicken ala Angela
(w/ artichokes, roasted red peppers, in franchese sauce)

Garlic mashed potato, String beans

Coffee and dessert, cannoli platter
$50 per person in advance
Service Recognition to Retired Meriden City Clerk Irene Masse`
Reservations can be made before March 1st
Phone: 203-237-1843

Mail personal check payable to MRTC
c/o Anna Neumon 217 Columbus Ave., Meriden, CT 06451
Can’t attend? Donations in any amount are acceptable.
Paid for by Meriden Republican Town Committee-David White, Treasurer

Senator Linares to Hold Forums on Heroin Epidemic

Serving Connecticut's 33rd District
Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter
 I will be holding forums throughout our area to discuss the opioid epidemic. 
We will hear from experts on drug addiction and discuss ways to address this crisis.
I hope you will mark your calendars and attend at least one forum.
·         Tuesday, March 15 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.     Haddam Volunteer Fire Company Community Hall
·         Wednesday, March 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Acton Public Library in Old Saybrook
·         Wednesday, April 6, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Clinton Town Hall Green Room
Tell a friend!

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter
Linares for Senate, 1110 Old Clinton Road, Unit E, Westbrook, CT 06498

Trump’s Brilliant 30 Second Indictment of an Open Borders Policy

Trump’s brilliant 30 second indictment of an open borders policy

Guest post by Coach Collins
Coach Collins
By Kevin “Coach” Collins
During his campaign, Donald Trump has said a lot of things that many people did not want to hear. Chief among them is that illegal immigration has brought misery and death to far too many innocent Americans and it has to stop.
The strength of Trump’s argument has been distilled down to a brilliant 30 second indictment of not only the problem of illegal immigration, but of those on both sides of the political spectrum who support and promote open borders as an immigration policy.
The spot is about Jas Shaw a superior high school football player from Los Angles who was intentionally murdered in front of his own home by an illegal immigrant who killed him because his victim was Black.

Tune into Anything Goes!!

You can also catch Lise and her interview with Frank Jr. locally on WMRD/WLIS AM 1150/1420

Tune into Anything Goes!! LIVE on WFDU-FM 89.1FM Monday 2/22 9am - 1pm EST for segment TEN of my interview with Frank Sinatra, Jr. (and lots of cool, Sinatra tracks. Some I'll bet you haven't heard before..) This week tune into to hear about how precious recordings of Frank SInatra were irresponsibly stored in a VAN IN STORAGE FOR ALMOST FIFTY YEARS! Hear how Frank, Jr and staff resurrected this precious recording.. Tune in on 89.1FM or via the WFDU app (it's FREE in Google p...lay or Apple app store) or online at WFDU. Also paying tribute to Michel Legrand and Nina Simone. PLUS, It's FUND DRIVE TIME!I need to hear from you to keep Anything Goes!! going for another year!! and…. If you can't be near a radio, don't fret. You'll find WFDU-FM in IHeartRadio or download the WFDU-FM app to your smartphone!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Senator Christopher S. Murphy is the junior United States Senator for Connecticut. Elected in 2012, Murphy serves on the Appropriations Committee, the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee, and the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee.
Senator Chris Murphy
(Middletown, CT.) Chairman Vincent Capece of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce announced that United States Senator Chris Murphy will serve as guest speaker at the chamber’s February Member Breakfast Meeting on Monday, February 29, 2016.

The Member Breakfast Meeting, sponsored by The Mohegan Tribe, will be held at the Radisson Hotel Cromwell, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, with networking beginning at 7:00 A.M. followed by a breakfast buffet opening at 7:15 A.M. and the meeting program from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. The cost is $22 for members of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce and $32 for non-members. Advance registration required, please register online:

Friday, February 19, 2016

Fact or Fiction : Small Town Invaded by Massive Flock of Birds?

This video reminds me of a story once told by grandfather and some other adults.  Maybe they were pulling my leg, maybe they were not; perhaps others remember hearing such a thing.

According to legend, before I was born my home town in Ohio was invaded by  a massive flock of  "black birds".  There were so many that when evening came around and the birds began roosting in the trees, nothing and no one was safe from the "fall out".

Sidewalks were covered, paint jobs on automobiles were ruined from the bird poop, people were bombed; anything under a tree was fair game. It was unsanitary and the screeching of so many birds, perhaps millions, was intolerable.  You get the picture.*

The problem was urgent and needed to be dealt with, immediately.  It was decided by the town's people that on a certain day and at a certain time, everyone who had a shot gun was to go outside and

Unnecessary/Dangerous Constitutional Amendment to "Protect the Environment" Proposed

This hasty, unnecessary and potentially dangerous proposed amendment to the Constitution could end up on the ballot in November.  Until now, the bill has pretty much been under the radar. But the rush is on in an effort to put the matter before the voters in November, with little time for the public to become educated on the proposal.  (Although it could be continued until the next session, don’t hold your breath.)

The wording in the amendment, (link below) is largely vague; which means it can be interpreted to mean anything a politician or judge wants it to.  One aspect, though, is quite clear; the State would have seemingly unfettered control over not just land, but natural resources, declaring; "The state's public natural resources are the common property of all the citizens”, and; “the state shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all people.”

According to Republican senatorial candidate, (Hartford/Bloomfield/Windsor) Theresa Tillett, “It would end up meaning “No Hunting” (to protect the land from the lead in bullets), and that it will give the state ruler-ship over the land and is a round-about *UNA21/2030 land grab and a state overreach into our land rights, affecting the future use of our property.”

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Kids Take Over Episode III

Cromwell - Emily Pulino once again hosts her television program which features local students, skits, and a Lego building with the kids. Featured acts: Jack's Knock-Knock Jokes and IMOVIE sketches!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CCS Legislative Update, Schedule of Events

Governors Bills

HB-5054 AN ACT PROTECTING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.    Malloy Tries A Second Time To Limit Access To Firearms For Subjects of Temporary Restraining Orders


DEEP Bills Proposed

Addition of a Trout Stamp to the existing statute authorizing other stamps. and which would authorize the institution of a license fee for seniors for anyone who turns 65 after January 1, 2017. The Trout Stamp proposal would first have to adopt regulations (mandatory since there will be several options and a DEEP Regulation Hearing) on the cost of the stamp and how it would be administered, so no immediate sportsmen cost or budgetary impact. The license fee for seniors would be modest: $5 for an inland license, $7 for all waters. By statute, the additional revenues generated by these initiatives, if passed, would pass through the General Fund to DEEP to support the fisheries program.

Senator Joe Markley: Capitol Update

State Senator Joe Markley

"We can't afford the government we created".

"I rather doubt the will of the Democratic majority to make serious and controversial budget adjustments in an election year."

Visit Sen. Markley's home page, here.

ARTFARM Announces Auditions for "The Servant of Two Masters"

View photo in message
Photo by Bill Dekine of Raphael Massie and Lizzy
Jutila in "A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
ARTFARM announces auditions for the Shakespeare in the Grove 2016 production of "The Servant of Two Masters" on Saturday, March 19, 1 – 4 pm and Wednesday, March 23, 6 – 9 pm. The production will run July 13 – 24 in Middletown.

Auditions are open to actors over age 18. Some Equity contracts available; stipends for all performers. Please arrive on time with a Classical monolog prepared. Bring a current resume and head shot. Dress to move, and plan to stay for the full three hours.

2016 is the eleventh season of ARTFARM’s Shakespeare in the Grove on the campus of Middlesex Community College, but the first non-Shakespeare production. "The Servant of Two Masters”, a classic Italian comedy by Carlo Goldoni, will be directed by ARTFARM Executive Director Dic Wheeler.

Auditions will be held in the Pavilion at Middlesex Community College. Pre-registration required. To register for one of the two dates, or for more information, call (860) 346-4390 or email

CONTACT: Dic Wheeler,; (860) 346-4390

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