Friday, February 19, 2016

Unnecessary/Dangerous Constitutional Amendment to "Protect the Environment" Proposed

This hasty, unnecessary and potentially dangerous proposed amendment to the Constitution could end up on the ballot in November.  Until now, the bill has pretty much been under the radar. But the rush is on in an effort to put the matter before the voters in November, with little time for the public to become educated on the proposal.  (Although it could be continued until the next session, don’t hold your breath.)

The wording in the amendment, (link below) is largely vague; which means it can be interpreted to mean anything a politician or judge wants it to.  One aspect, though, is quite clear; the State would have seemingly unfettered control over not just land, but natural resources, declaring; "The state's public natural resources are the common property of all the citizens”, and; “the state shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all people.”

According to Republican senatorial candidate, (Hartford/Bloomfield/Windsor) Theresa Tillett, “It would end up meaning “No Hunting” (to protect the land from the lead in bullets), and that it will give the state ruler-ship over the land and is a round-about *UNA21/2030 land grab and a state overreach into our land rights, affecting the future use of our property.”

Tillett urges anyone available to both attend the public hearing and give testimony as to why a Constitutional Amendment is not needed to protect either wildlife or open spaces?  A link to submit written testimony to the committee is in the below release from Sen. Art Linaras.  Of course, you can and should email your senator, as well.  You can learn how to contact your state representatives, here.

While willing to give the legislature the benefit of the doubt that they do not actually understand what was given to them by the lobbyist, or the future ramifications of such changes, she says legislator need to be educated as to why this is a VERY BAD IDEA. 

Connecticut already has the tools with which to protect the environment.  A constitutional amendment is not necessary; especially not without ample time for the public to properly vet it.  No change to the Connecticut Constitution should be made without the most careful scrutiny.  There is no need to rush this to the November ballot.

*United Nations Agenda 21


State Senator Art Linares

From: Art Linares <>
Date: Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Want to help us protect CT’s environment?

Good news!
Open Space
This Friday, Feb. 19, a public hearing will be held at the Legislative Office Building on our proposal to protect CT forest land, parks, wildlife areas and other open space with a constitutional amendment.
Here’s how you can help us.
1) Click here to submit your testimony on why CT land should be preserved and protected.
2) Your testimony can be as brief as you like. Just include your name and town.
Here’s the full text of our proposed resolution:
Please spread the word to others about this opportunity, and thank you for your support of the environment!

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  1. This explains Agenda 21:


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