Monday, February 22, 2016

Trump’s Brilliant 30 Second Indictment of an Open Borders Policy

Trump’s brilliant 30 second indictment of an open borders policy

Guest post by Coach Collins
Coach Collins
By Kevin “Coach” Collins
During his campaign, Donald Trump has said a lot of things that many people did not want to hear. Chief among them is that illegal immigration has brought misery and death to far too many innocent Americans and it has to stop.
The strength of Trump’s argument has been distilled down to a brilliant 30 second indictment of not only the problem of illegal immigration, but of those on both sides of the political spectrum who support and promote open borders as an immigration policy.
The spot is about Jas Shaw a superior high school football player from Los Angles who was intentionally murdered in front of his own home by an illegal immigrant who killed him because his victim was Black. The murderer had just been released from jail after the failed system had declared him to not be a threat to society. That he was a member of a violent Latino street gang comprised largely of illegal immigrants was deemed of no importance.          
Trump has been in contact with Jamiel Shaw-the victim’s father-and is helping him tell the story of his son’s death.
The story is so powerful that Trump should use this spot over and over throughout the whole campaign. It is NOT just an appeal to Blacks; it is an appeal to all Americans with a clear message: illegal aliens must be stopped and kicked out.
Trump arranged to have Shaw address the crowd at a recent rally in Los Angeles. This is what he said: “To see somebody, especially a billionaire, come out. I can’t even get a neighborhood politician to come out, that’s why it’s so surreal to me…”
Shaw continued: “People are looking at immigration as just an immigration issue, but people are dying. It’s a fact. What good is the economy, healthcare, going to school, if people are dying? Trump is doing things he doesn’t have to do. He can buy a whole island and get away from crime…. This was the first time I thought everything’s really gonna be all right. To me, he was sent from God.”
What else can be said about this problem? Innocent people are dying so that Democrats get more voters and the Chamber of Commerce gets cheap laborers; Trump wants to stop both of them.
Watch Trump's 30 second ad:
Bonus video; Donald Trump with Oprah Winfrey in 1988

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