Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Senator Dante Bartolomeo Has "Lapse of Memory" at Candidate Forum

Wayne Winsley, 2012
Congressional Candidate
Last night, at a Candidate's Forum held at the Westfield Resident's Association annual meeting, Sen. Bartolomeo denied having said in a press release from February 13, 2013, that she had called for mandatory psychiatric evaluations for ALL students in early 2012.

She demanded the questioner "prove it"; cocksure that he wouldn't have a twenty one month old press release in his pocket.  Which he didn't.

Well, last year I wrote an open letter to the senator, in which I cited, verbatim, a portion of her press release; "Students should be able to receive mental health evaluations/treatment, and districts need some recourse if parents and students refuse to participate."

It seems pretty clear, that the threat of recourse against parents and students, removes any semblance of a voluntary evaluation.

(See my full post, here;http://www.middletowninsider.com/2013/06/letter-to-editor-open-letter-to-sen.html)

Former congressional candidate, author and patriot, Wayne Winsley, also wrote an article on the subject, in which he cites the entire statute that would make these mandatory evaluations a reality; Proposed Bill No. 374; AN ACT REQUIRING BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ASSESSMENTS FOR CHILDREN and addresses the issue better than I did.

In Wayne’s article, he says, The proposal is Dangerous, because the government has now created a small, “big brother” that will follow my child around for the rest of her days.”

Read Wayne's full article, here;http://waynewinsley.blogspot.com/2013/02/your-kid-gets-checkup-from-neck-up-need.html.  http://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/TOB/S/2013SB-00374-R00-SB.htm

Senator Dante Bartolomeo is a dangerous person; an advocate for big government intrusion into the personal, private lives of children and families.  She is also a liar. She must be voted out of office.

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