Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DeLauro Looses Her Composure Over a Jest

Yesterday evening, Congress-elf, Rosa DeLauro participated in the candidate's forum, hosted by the Westfield Residents Association.  Dressed in a gaudy designer outfit and glasses that cost more than most of the attendees earn in a month, she portended to champion the "little guy".

On and on she went about how wonderful ObamaCare is.  In spite of the fact that the CDC received 300 million dollars more than they asked for in the last budget, she claimed they were underfunded.

Then, evidently alluding to the so-called "war on women", she stated forcefully, that, "No woman should have to pay more than a man for the same insurance coverage."

When the time came, a man was called on to ask a question of the candidates.  He prefaced the question (about the candidate's length of time in office) by stating that he completely agreed with the congressman; that "women should not be required to pay more for vasectomy coverage, than a man."

Of course, this brought a few chuckles from the crowd of about 120 persons.

After both candidates responded to the question, DeLauro decided to get back up and address the jest made by the questioner, and went on a non sequitur-ous tirade about comments made by some other congressman from another state!  I wish I had taken notes!  Or a video.

She promptly left the building.

James Brown, her opponent, appears in the background.

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