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Conservative Round Up: Who is Palin Smith & Why You Should Care

Palin Smith, photo credit Chris Lemos
     He drives a slick yellow car, sports a stylish white mustache, a red & black baseball cape, and has a video camera permanently attached to one hand. If you happen to be at a rally, speaking engagement, or town hall meeting, and you see this guy standing in the back, and you are a conservative, jump for joy. If you voted for Obama last cycle, run for cover, because this is the guy who played a key role in bringing the "Overpasses to Impeach Obama" to your neighborhood.
  His moniker is Palin Smith and he is the conservative activist, gadfly, cheerleader, videographer, citizen journalist, unflappable one- man conservative campaign powerhouse of a force you want on your side!

At the capital, Fernandez
 tries out his opponents seat.
Palin, as he told the Press in April, calls himself "patriot recruiter" or "incumbent terminator." Or in the case of Sen. John McKinney, he is your worst nightmare. Having been to all 169 towns in Ct and photographed there with a "McKinney Must Go" sign, Palin is one to watch leading the charge for right leaning folks to reform the GOP and kick Rhinos out on their butts. Palin lead the successful "Dump Dodd" movement in 2009. Palin was also a force in helping to lay the foundation for the CT Tea Party.Today Palin, is leading the charge again with getting McKinney out of office due to his failure to listen to gun owners on key legislative votes that crack down on law abiding citizen fire arm owners in the nutmeg state.  And of course just as we are typing this article, it seems we are too late- we have been beaten to the punch spreading the wonders of Palin Smith aka Chris Ford- listen to the podcast on CT360 with  journalist Dan Lovallo interviewing Palin on his impact on the political landscape of Connecticut.
Joe Visconti & Angel Fernandez,
 photo by Palin Smith

This election cycle, it appears Palin is dedicating much of his efforts to helping the campaign of Joe Visconti for Governor and  AR Fernandez (Angel Fernandez) for the 100th District in Middletown.  Not only did Joe Visconti once ride up to a townhall meeting on horseback Paul Revere style, but he may be a different kind of trailblazer should he get enough signatures to petition his way onto the ballot as a Independent this fall after failing to gain the 8,000+ signatures to run on the Republican ticket. 
And what is so special about a Palin Smith endorsement? He never endorses a sleeper candidate; if you are a favorite of Palin, you're not only a true conservative, but got fire & tenacity in excess. 
In Palin's words: " Visconti is rewriting the playbook in 2014. His three-pronged approach includes small businesses serving as hubs for people to go to to sign in."
Palin tapped Visconti "welcoming" Gov. Malloy home to the governors mansion in March as his own campaign announcement. 
Palin, a CCDL member, is a
advocate for gun owner rights &
 Pro 2A legislation in CT
If you don't have Palin's youtube channel bookmarked, you oughta, because he has filmed instances that you won't even find on Fox News CT. For example, as Lovallo mentions in the interview, Palin got on film Bob MacGuffie of Right Principles challenging Gov. Malloy on Ct's exponentially surmounting debt at a town hall meeting in Norwalk. An instance that left Malloy grasping for words to say the least. Carefully edited out of all other news coverage of course. Palin was also there well before the Mess and other local news outlets got on the scene when hundreds of citizens were trying to register their guns before the deadlines of Public Act 13-3 were to  be enacted  in April. Palin, along with Visconti, stood with a "Mckinney Must Go Sign" along side the large crowd in the parking lot at the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection building on Country Club Lane. The media's reports of the event, which portrayed the scene as a bunch of gun nuts standing in the cold, with what Palin video interviewed several citizens at the rally and just in the area on coincidence as actually having sound opinions against the tougher restrictions being imposed.  And these several citizens are far from the unstable uneducated "gun nut" stereotype the mainstream local media has portrayed 2A supporters to be.
For the past few years, (wow! it has been years for the Insider!) Palin has been gracious enough to let us publish his Conservative Newsletter, under "Conservative Roundup", which has hundreds recipients across Connecticut who receive a list of youtube video links and conservative aligned event updates weekly complied by Palin. Dear CT GOP Party: take note of Palin's tenacity and organization, you oughta learn from this man. 
As Palin signs his newsletters: I'll bring the matches..
Palin Smith's youtube channel:

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  1. Great article and I am proud to call this man my friend.


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