Sunday, November 17, 2013

Short Stories By The Insider

 Preface: After Common Council elect Carl Chisem refuses to relinquish his seat on Planning & Zoning at this week's meeting, the meeting adjourns after only 20 minutes. A power play by veteran Democrats stop a bi-partisan slate of officers lead by top 
vote-getter Stephen Devoto (D) as chair, or a simple "misunderstanding"?
Read the full scoop from Cassandra Day Editor of the Patch here

My God!  
Not even a week into the new administration and there is a story line already.
Behind closed doors the wheels started turning. The democrats where sweating and nervous about what the next step will be and who will be chairman of the planning and zoning commission.  Quick let’s call on our senior advisers (no need to mention names) and caucus they will come to the rescue. We can’t let Steve Devoto win the chairman position and we definitely can let Beth Emery be appointed as a seated commissioner. They are to smart and we will never get anything done. The republicans are just a bunch of dopes; we don’t have to worry about them. We have to make sure that Richard Pelletier is chairman he does what he’s told. Steve and Beth will be a torn in the butt. What do we say to Larry?
SO LETS SEND CARL CHISEM IN THERE! I was doing my duty he said. Yeah for his party. (This was no mistake)
It worked. The meeting was a debacle.




  1. Why should this shock anyone as it is business as usual in Middletown. Some things never change, only the players do.

  2. If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch (except ed4ed who is banned from all Middletown porches)

  3. Looks like something big is coming to town.

  4. If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch (exception for ed4ed who has a lifetime porch ban)

  5. The Republicans ran this time around on a campaign of checks and balances and already they have their work cut out for them!!
    Already a question of legality was raised at the biennial meeting regarding these positions on P & Z. Going to be interesting as to how they stack this commission.

  6. Between the questions coming out of P&Z and the Council, our new General Counsel is busy. What kind of opinions are we going to get??


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