Saturday, November 16, 2013

Carpino looks into Deadly Crashes in Portland, Middletown Reps ZZZZZZZ....

Rep. Carpino,
used to represent
 part of Middletown.
The Middletown Mess or the "Piddletown Mess" published a story today that Representative for Portland and East Hampton, State Representative Christie Carpino is asking safety officials to look into the stretch of roadway in Portland that has been the site of many deadly car crashes. The area known as "The Ledges" along Route 66 has been an area were many fatal accidents have been the site of.

Thank you Ms. Carpino for doing YOUR JOB! We wish you still had Middletown in your district! Maybe next time you are at the capital you can give Ol' Joe and Matty a sharp elbow to the side to wake them up from their comas regarding the roadways in Middletown. 

Highway Routes 17 and 9 running through Middletown are a disaster, ranking number 1 as the most dangerous highways in the state. 
In a recent report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Connecticut & Illinois tied for  the worst roads in the nation. 
Rep. Pappa Joe, Middletown. 
Head of Highway Committee has deadliest
 stretch in his own town! WTF.
And at the top of Connecticuts list, Middletown scores number 1.

25+ year veteran Rep. Joe Serra (D), who lives in and represents Middletown, is head of the Highways and Transportation Committee.

 Serra also runs CASHO - aka Connecticut Association of Street & Highways Officials, Inc. a "non profit" that oversees the conditions on CT's roadways. Despite this, Middletown can boast that is has the No. 1 most deadly section of highway in the state!  According to  Department of Transportation records, while it has a somewhat scenic view of the river, the on ramp where Route 17 merges with Route 9 has been the site of more accidents than anywhere else in the state.

 Is an increase in patronage to businesses downtown worth the tragedies that have resulted from traffic lights put in place to direct people to Main Street? With new developments on the horizon, what will the new traffic patterns needed to be to satisfy developers look like? What have we learned and what can we do to make this stretch of road safer now that there may be new opportunities?

The Hartford Courant published an article about the  CT Department of Transportation's conclusion that this stretch in Middletown is the most dangerous stretch of roadway in the state. Read the article  here. In the Courant's article, manager of Amato's on Main Street Diane Gervais describes the delicate relationship between Route 9 Traffic and Main Street patronage, she is said: "Our customers need access to Route 9, and we need access to our customers from Route 9."

PLEASE WAKE UP Rep. Serra and Rep. Lesser! - Rep. Serra - maybe next time you are at CASHO or a highway meeting you might pipe up about the how many fatal accidents are happening in your own back yard? We are waiting?!

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