Friday, November 08, 2013

Guestblog: Wayne Winsley: The Food Stamp Factor is Killing Our Republic

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 The Food Stamp Factor is Killing Our Republic

Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov't Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers - See more at:

Wayne Winsley(R) ran against  Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa Delauro (D). During his 2012 campaign, he made frequent stops in Middletown to reach out to locals. He is a motivational speaker, radio host, author of the Conservative Capitalist Blog & Founder of Brave Enough to Fail.

I grew up poor, Black, inner-city dwelling, and was raised by a single parent, in my case, my great grandmother. I’ve been on welfare and actually used food stamps. In short, I’m the picture that many liberals hold up when they stridently declare, “We have to do something to help these poor people!”
Here’s what I know from first-hand experience. Food Stamps, while helpful in the short term, will not lift you out of poverty, only your hard work and individual choices can do that. There is not a single government program that has ever made one person financially independent. Only you can do that for you.
The major flaw in the well-meaning government largess aimed at helping people that look like me and others who don’t, and winning the “war on poverty” is that it is killing our work ethic and sense of individual responsibility.
This nation cannot survive if the majority of the population is depending on others or the father figure government to do the achieving for them. We must dial back the entitlement mentality or our Republic will indeed be lost.
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