Sunday, March 16, 2014

Questions for the Executive Branch as well as Rants!

Middletown Questions That Need to be answered an other Rants

By: The Real Middletown Insider

Why hasn't anyone from the Mayor’s office ever explain the budget and finances from last year’s big snowstorm? Snow overtime has been very high in 2013-2014 but many roads are not hit while others are hit multiple times.  Logically, this may happen with the busier roads but to ignore whole neighborhoods is unacceptable.

  I am starting to feel that keeping the taxpayers informed is secondary to the current executive branch. It has only been a year and month (give a take a few days), as to when Mayor Drew left the happiness of Middletown to land in China with the hopes of bringing big jobs back to Middletown, CT.   What was he really doing there?  How much did this trip cost and why was he very defensive at the council meeting when he returned?  The citizens of Middletown deserve to have a report on the mayor’s trip.  If he were a Republican mayor, Viktoria Sunderkist would file a story entitled: “GOP Mayor drinks a Diet Soda in China.” This would set off the anti-Gopers everywhere.   
To digress about other issues that Drew isn’t held accountable:  Why is the city buying two old state houses on Wadsworth Street for a dollar from the state but footing the $80,00 plus bill to tear them down?  What the hell is going with that?  Readers need to start asking questions and get informed.  Why should the city of Middletown pay for this? Why is the state allowed avoid is paying any monies to the town while the taxpayers take on the chin?  If one thinks that is crazy, check your paychecks people and look at your tax bills.  While some people struggle and pray the Mill Rate doesn’t go up and up, some city workers are getting huge four-step increase in their pay.  This very ironic for a city that declares: “We are in the middle of a hiring and salary freeze.”   I wonder if this will cause even more friction among the city workers?  According to city hall sources: “People are fed up and do not understand why (deleted) received a four step increase while others received nothing.”  

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