Saturday, November 09, 2013

Short Stories By the Insider

For some, having a 'D' before your name in Middletown is a beautiful thing.  In Middletown to be part of this selective group of democrats in city hall means you are well protected. The rest run scared.  Why?

You know, I wish we really knew the answer.  Is it a power thing? Is it an ego trip?  Is it for security? Is it for more money?  Is it for all mentioned and more? Who really knows?

When you walk through city hall it's well-acted. Watch out what you say he or she might get mad! Shhhh!  Quiet! Someone may be listening. Oh my God, did you hear this and that? Did you know this one is in bed with that one or that one got taken care of?  Guess who’s running for Mayor or council and so on.  The drama in Middletown, CT would be a bestselling novel or a best rated mini-series. Who knew that this mini-series could have ran as long as the soap General Hospital (we could use Middlesex Hospital).  Maybe that’s why we have to keep the democrats in power, so the story never ends.  God forbid a Republican or any 3rd party gets a foot in the door - it throws the whole story line off.  Everything only runs smoothly if the democrats are in charge.  Shhhh...

Both state and national democrats say you can always count on Middletown. They don’t know how to change things in that town.  We have it made there.  They say Middletown is a well oiled machine.  The citizens of Middletown believe everything they are told.  Even that the democrats lowered their taxes, when they  in fact pay more every year.  They believe they are financialy sound but they're really not.  After everyone is sworn in - the saga will continue.  I hear that the next 2 years are going to be the climax of this drama.  STAY TUNED!

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