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Your Daily Spin from the Middletown Mess: Local 466 Union President Cautious of Mayor's Planned Dept. Mergers

A private citizen is looking for a new job, two guys running as third party candidates  vs. a story about the potential destruction of City government infrastructure & increased waste on the backs of tax payers... lemme think which is more relevant...

The Mess, in true Spin fashion dictated by certain unseen forces is attempting to detract attention from the issue of the upcoming vote on the City merging of departments by placing this critical City issue between obscure articles today. 

Despite the fact this will impact the quality of services the City offers its taxpayers, and also taxpayer wallets, the Mess doesn't make this a top story! ?

The Mess really is working overtime taking dictation from the Drew Crew and Serracratologists in attempts to derail the upcoming 2013 municipal elections and taint the waters against non-cult candidates. 
So how does it work, do you guys have a separate phone line directly to Mess Editor Viktoria's bedroom that you wake her up in the middle of the night to start spinning the web? Does Tommy send a car to pick her up?
So what are the top stories? The Mess wants people to focus on the fact that Councilmen Phil Pessina and Joe Bibisi (R) are both seeking the nomination of the Working Families (cough Democrats by a different name cough ) party. The Mess ( or who ever is really pulling the strings) makes the  top headline is that former Mayor Sebastian Giuliano applied for the town manager position in Cromwell back in April.  A former mayor, now a private citizen, tries to get a new job outside of town and move on with his private life and editors Viktoria and Alex  put it front and center. Perhaps the Democratic Town Committee will again get some Wesleyan College Democrats to protest another attempt by Giuliano to move on. History can then repeat itself with six news crews covering the ONE protester! Instead of posting this story in a blatant attempt to try and stir up opposition, one would think that spendacrats would want to keep it quiet in order for Giuliano to get a new job elsewhere and be less of a  thorn  in their sides as they see him. And people criticize us for what we choose to cover- we see a Pulitzer in you kids' futures, really.
On another tangent, notice how the Mess hasn't mentioned that Wesleyan Professor & Eye Founder Stephen Devoto is gathering signatures to primary the Democratic slate for a seat on the Planning and Zoning ballot in while? What's wrong D-Crew? Don't want the word Devoto may actually accomplish his goal getting out?
Back to the real story: Wednesday the Finance and Government Commission met in regards to the adoption of the Blue Ribbon Report  aka Mayor's Task Force on Efficiency report from April 2012. They discussed  the final stages of its implementation which is merging of departments. The Common Council votes on this merger at their Monday meeting. This spring, the council voted to merge the legal and personnel departments.
The Insider has published numerous editorials from a variety of authors who crunched the numbers and showed that this was not truly going to save tax payer money, but as written had parts if  enacted would create more spending. One issue the Common Council should look at, hopefully in between certain councilpersons giving speeches about themselves, is if in the months since the merger if in fact these departments have saved money as it was proposed. Mayor Drew touted over and over (and over) again that it would; now prove it. Did you know when Mayor Drew smiles rainbows appear in the sky? Don't believe us? Well he said so, so it must be true.
If  Drew's plans are adopted by the Council, according to the new organization, the parks division would report to the Public Works Department, and the recreation part would merge with Senior Services to form a new Recreation and Community Services Department. Sounds like the same thing with a different name? We thought so too. 

Mayor Dan Drew  was quoted by the Mess as saying he projects $150,000 in savings and “there are another number of savings that will become clear as time goes on.” Course he isn't adding in the pension packages he handed out to get rid of people the he couldn't manipulate.So what are the savings? Well, the apparently according to Drew, the Council will have to adopt it to see?!  What is so hard about showing some REAL data?? How about you be clear now- dare we say TRANSPARENT?
The Mess goes onto quote the Mayor as saying that essentially the merger needs to take place in order for Public Works and Park and Rec to share equipment. Again why they can't share now like big boys and girls is beyond us- and chances are they probably already do share! Excuse us Mr. Drew, these splendid, profound ideas you are having are really quite frightening in their deepness.

Christine Bourne,  president of  Municipal Employees Local 466, a city labor union, isn't buying the deal. Continuing to stand up - that's Ballz Bourne! 
You go girl!

The Mess quotes Bourne: “I think we’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken,”  “Any potential savings haven’t been shown to me, haven’t been shown to the union … our guys are concerned about what they’re going to be asked to do.”

The Mess article then goes on to talk about Bourne's recently settled labor dispute with the City which has absolutely nothing to do with the merger and appears to be a thinly veiled  and quite shallow attempt by the Mess to discredit Bourne. Nice try, but no cigar. 
Remember folks, Mayor Drew raised your taxes, cut your teachers, makes up new rules to the City Charter on a daily basis ( it's Administrative Assistant Joe Samolis - no such thing as Chief of Staff), perpetuated the violation of  the already violated worker rights of a union employee (Bourne) now proved by law, lies to the public, and we get 2 more years of our Dear Leader. Now that is a run -on sentence!
Don't worry, Kim Jong Un-Drew says for a cool $750K upfront cost, the City  can light the Arrigoni Bridge in colors of the the rainbow corresponding to his moods.
While less departments in theory sounds just dandy, previous posts laboriously explained the merger and by doing some no so fancy math to prove the numbers don't work are linked below: 
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