Friday, December 21, 2012

Mayor's Task Force on Efficiency Report

    Outlined is Mayor Drew's plan to consolidate City departments and positions! Enjoy-

     The report drafted in April, was not given to the Council - ie all the Council not just the Democrats in the know- until a few weeks ago. The title of the report of "bi-partisan" is very coy seeking as there was 1 token Republican on the slate of 11 "chosen ones".

      The Insider's favorite part is the end in which there is a big thank you to Mayor Drew for allowing them to participate on the committee! All the recent early retirement buy-outs have been in lieu of the final plan the Mayor would like to implement. Will it really save money? Hard to say  because which positions will remain unfilled and which will have to be filled is still unclear. One thing remains clear- some cronies may be getting new jobs for Christmas, and those who did not necessarily drink the kool-aid of a certain party may get a lump of coal.

The Insider has done a series of commentary pieces on the impact of this plan previous published here:

More analysis to come!


  1. Please check your facts. There is more than one Republican on the Task Force.

  2. Stop with the games: Who are these mysterious Republicans... If you know who they are then point them out.

  3. high end tag wearing, well liked, over bearing, noisy, nosey, self important, fanastic (just ask she will tell you) , Reoublican Icon put in her papers Friday. Lets hope she runs for Mayor so we can all send her finally packing with a good ole 4/1 victory !!!!

    Demicrats of course :)


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