Thursday, January 24, 2013

Apple, Oranges & BOE Budget Hikes

 While the proposed Board of Education budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year makes some budget cuts to try and balance the books, areas when increases spending is called for is presented in  misleading ways. The proposed budget has an increase of 7.8% which is sure to raise the mil rate significantly for tax payers when coupled  Mayor Drew's budget calling for City increases in spending A link to the BOE budget is below, which was NOT available before the BOE's meeting on Tuesday. Unlike the Frechette budgets of legend, this budget is somewhat broken down, but still not a transparent  detailed line by line item budget many tax payers have called for.

 BOE Budget can be read here:
Why is this budget so high & why will taxes go up?Apples & Oranges Logic: Dr. Charles told various media  that the increase is partly caused by "technology". Note that technology acquisitions are normally considered capital acquisitions. The law makes a distinction between a school district's operating funds, over which it has virtually unlimited discretion and control, and capital purchases, which are subject to local (i.e., the Common Council) control.

With all due respect to the Superintendent, you're being snookered here - even if it's unintentional. A capital expenditure is one that happens intermittently, not annually. It's the difference between buying a computer, which will have an extended life expectancy, and paying a teacher's salary, which is an ongoing, operational obligation. Giving the BOE money to buy computer equipment will unnecessarily raise the City's MBR obligation, so don't fall for it!

A better solution will be for the City to purchase the equipment, optimally through the City's IT Department which, coincidentally, is proposed by the Mayor (déjà vu to when Mayor Giuliano who FIRST proposed this which was shot down by the Democratic controlled council) to assume BOE operations.


  1. This budget is NOT broken down, there is less information on it than on all the older BOE budgets, which can be found on their web site.

    MI you are being too kind, it is Ms. Charles who is snookering the public by trying to tell us one thing when her budget says something all together different. For example, she told us how the merger of attorneys was going to save money but where are the savings in her budget? I'll say one thing for her, she learned how to do the Middletown Lie pretty quick and with a straight face.

  2. City IT can't get out of their own way. They screw up every project they have - financial system, dispatch, W & S. Why would anyone in their right mind give them the schools to screw up too?

  3. As a Paraprofessional, I'm looking forward to the more than 15% raise this budget shows for us. Hopefully it'll offset the increace in Democratic taxes (Fed., state and ciry) we'll all have to pay

  4. When did John Milardo go from Salary to overtime? SEEK THE TRUTH

  5. Oops, looks like Nocera thought he could turn his homework in late and got caught. The keystone kops aka BOE don't know their own rules. Drew must have forgotten to tell them.

    Check out the special meeting hastily set for 1/29. Their rules say they have to send their approved budget to the city by 1/31. Oops, there they go again.


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