Thursday, April 04, 2013

Citizens Sue P&Z Commission over MX Zone Change

Jennifer Proto and husband lawyer Jared Proto are suing the P&Z Commission and Acquisitions Holdings LLC over the MX Zone change which passed last month.

 Earlier in the month Jared Proto filed a FOIA request asking for a years worth of correspondence from the commission and department. BOE member founder and editor of the Middletown Eye Blog resident of downtown Ed McKeon, along with the Proto's lead citizens in protest of the zone change. McKeon is one of 7 village district residents who comprise Blue House LLC; the members of which bought a older home on College Street to fix up and sell. On his blogs and facebook pages, Ed McKeon solicits residents to send money to the legal fund set up by the Proto's to sue the commission.

After the vote, Director of Planning and Zoning William Warner issued a memo to clarify questions regarding alleged  historic properties affected by the zone change.

This week the Historic Preservation and Design Review Commission will review the design proposed by Centerplan Development LLC for the property at the corner of Washington St. Centerplan was the proponent of the MX zone change.

The notice of the suit can be read here:

The FOIA Request to P&Z from Jared Proto:

A Statement of Clarification about the MX Zone change and historic properties from Director of Planning and Zoning William Warner:

Zoning Text Changes  and agenda:


  1. Didn't Ed4Ed get elected on the "stop suing" platform? So isn't he just suing himself?

  2. Yup. Ed4Ed said get rid of all the lawyers. Talk it out. All BS when he ran for BOE. WHY are they trying to get people to donate? Ed and Lucy have lots of money. So do other villagers- in fact the one running the CHC gets paid $600k a year!! Crock or Crap. Ironic Ed didn't put this on the Eye!!!

  3. That is right ED promised to end all lawsuits on the BOE.. typical liberal.. IT's okay for me to sue and do whatever I want, but if YOU do it, well..........

    I am waiting for Stephen H. Devoto to do his next BIG story on the Alexander/Masselli non-profit investigation... Right, although it is wrong for MM to make $600k a year, since they are liberal they are entitled to it.. How many school teachers would that amount employ?

  4. Good morning - Arthur Fonzarelli and your troll friends. I would suggest you hitch up your XXL sweatpants and finish your bag of Dorritos as it is time to leave the safey of Molly's basement and come out into the spring sunshine.

    From your fellow troll.

  5. Put down the beer Ed.



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