Thursday, April 04, 2013

Letter to the Editor:Today is a sad and dark day in CT

Yesterday, lawmakers in the Connecticut legislature voted in favor of stricter gun laws and limits on so called assault weapons in response the killing  of 20 children and 6 educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. The bill also included measures, although limited, to address mental health issues and violence as well as violence prevention measures in schools.
The full bill can be read in its original form here:

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Reactions from our friends on facebook published with permission from the authors taken from a special post requesting comments for publication:

Anthony Knapp, Middletown wrote: "Rushed through as expected"

David Greaves, Middletown wrote: "Disgrace to the families of gun violence. This bill has just as much teeth as a restraining order." 

Christine Carta, Middletown wrote:"Nearly every post I have read today is from an outraged citizen. I find it curious that so many folks are outraged, yet our elected officials claim to vote their constituents' views. Doesn't add up."

Anne Dubay Dauphinais, Middletown wrote: "Our individual rights are taken away by the mob. I would like to leave CT!!"

Craig Elkin, Middletown wrote" You can't close a barn door after the horses get out."

Angel Fernandez, Middletown wrote: " I feel raped especially as a Combat veteran. I am disgusted how the other politicians [who are) veterans] voted in favor. They should enforce what's in the books. Well Mall0y I hope all goes well in DC NOT!"

Joanne Faust, Middletown,  "My feelings are this, which I'm not looking to start a whole political debate; however I'm tired of gun enthusiasts using/hiding behind the 2nd amendment. When the amendment was written, the founding fathers had muskets - not semi-automatic, rapid fire, and mass ammo clips!!! The average citizen should not be able to purchase and possess those types of fire arms and clips!!"

Angel Fernandez, Middletown, wrote “There is no such thing as clips Joanne maybe magazines...”

Jim Salemi, Middletown, wrote  “So the second amendment only protects musket owners, Joanne? Really? The founding fathers were concerned about the people's ability to defend themselves and their country against tyranny--including domestic tyranny. So you think the people can use muskets to defend themselves against a government armed with modern "rapid fire" weapons? Really? Wow. How much do we spend on public education a year? And I don"t hide behind anything, including the second amendment.

Enzo Faienza, Cromwell, ( also candidate for Mayor 2013 Cromwell) wrote: "Today is a sad day for our State, this is the beginning to the end. Today big government will infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. They will tell us this is it but it's only the beginning.The next phase will be to take our guns away completely. Bloomberg in NY is trying to tell people what they can eat and drink and before you know it that will happen here. Where is the end, day by day big progressive government is taking our rights away and before you know it we will be nothing but empty zombies. Wake up people and stand up for your rights or one day you will wake up and be just that, a ZOMBIE TO BIG GOVERNMENT WITH NO HEART AND NO SOUL!!!!!!"

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Today is a sad and dark day in CT.  A tragedy that took 20 angels and 6 heroes at Sandy Hook has now become a tragedy for hundred of thousands of law abiding citizens.  

CT is now the Unconstitutional State.

Much darker days are coming.

I pray for every resident in this state.


Thomas Sebold, CT

editors note:

Thomas Sebold is a retired Middletown Police officer.

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