Friday, February 01, 2013

Guest Blog:" What does the Second Amendment Mean to Me?" Fred Carrol

 Guest blogger responds to our request for reader essays: 
"What does the 2nd Amendment mean to me?"
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 What The Second Amendment Means To Me by Fred Carroll Again,

"somebody has to say it".......I don't know the Second Amendment from the Second Coming, other than that both are hotly contested. "Well Fred, if you don't know nuthin' about it, then WHY, pray tell, do you presume to say "what it means to you"? Well, because I am fairly sure that I speak for many if not most when I claim to know virtually nuthin' about the Second or any other amendment.....or The Constitution. How do I feel about guns then, you might be curious.....well, I guess a gun is the right tool for some jobs.....

Fred Carrol

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