Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Reader Response to "What does the Second Amendment Mean to You?"

A Reader responses to our request for essays on the topic "What does the Second Amendment Mean to You? Thank you Adam!
Essays published as a courtesy, these do not necessarily reflect the views of the Insider Staff.
Readers - we are still accepting essays! Thank you-
In his own words:

It does not matter what the second Amendment means to me, it has already been decided by the Supreme Court multiple times.
More importantly what matters is civilians safety and facts.
Everytime a new gun law is passed since 1968 legislators and gun banners have said "this is the answer, this is the way to go" to solve crimes and then when it is signed and they are in front of the cameras they say "you know this isn't the complete answer to solving crime but it's a good first step".
Except that we have 20,000 Plus gun laws already signed into law, but who's counting anything besides vote's right now.
How can something be a first step even though we've taken 20,000 steps and none of them have gotten any of us any closer to slowing down crime?
Why do you want to return to policies that are proven failures? We tried this so called assault weapons ban on "ugly" guns and it did not work, it did not reduce crime. In fact once it ended and we got rid of the ban the murder rate went down. Why do we want to go back to something we know did not work?
Why do we want to do this 100% perfect track record of failure that does not reduce crime, does not reduce murders?
Gun control laws do not work.
Adam Peplau

Originally from Middletown, CT Resident


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