Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Local Cops Discuss 2nd Amendment

Letter to the Middletown Insider Blog:
  Hello Middletown Insider friends,
I know you dont think highly of me but eh I thought I would share something with you. 
I shot a video this last Monday with Kurt Knapp and Tom Sebold where they talk about the issues surrounding new laws banning assault weapons.
Here is the link.
I feel that your readers would appreciate this message.  If you embed the video as a post thats great.  If you dont that fine by me too.

Darrell Lucas
READER Solicited Essays: The CT Legislature is currently hearing testimony.  Please write to us at :
"What does the 2nd Amendment mean to you?"
*Thanks Darrell- Kurt Knapp is a retired Dispatcher & Aux. Police Officer and Thomas Sebold a retired Middletown Police Officer. We thank them both for their service and all involved with this video.
 Please find Darrel's video below:


  1. I enjoyed the write up and video. these two gentlemen seemed reasonable in their views and appreciated thier service to this country. Good stuff. Please keep putting out good material like this. the public needs it. Thanks again.


  2. I have only the highest praise for the video that Mr. Lucas has produced. His interview with Messrs Knapp and Sebold provide special insight into the problems of gun violence and gun crimes. Those two men have been involved here in Middletown with the mental health issues that plague so many people on our streets. They succinctly describe how those problems are examples of the mental health issues in the larger society that result in gun massacres. Criminals, mentally ill or not, will always find weapons. Disarmed citizens are helpless victims. This is a "must watch" video.


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