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Eckersley-Hall Building Committee Minutes- 11/12/2012

Members Present:
Members Absent: Others Present: Guests:
Ron Klattenberg, Trevor Davis, Ed Dypa, Augie DeFrance, Ryan Kennedy, Phil Pessina, Annabelle Malone, Ed Monarca, Larry Riley Bill    W asch Beth Lapin, Ron Organek
Chris Nardi, John Ireland (SP+A)
Chair Klattenberg opened the Eckersley Hall Building Committee meeting at 6:19 PM at the Police Department Community Room. He congratulated the committee for successful passage of the referendum to fund the next stages of the Senior/Community Center.
Chair Klattenberg asked for approval of the October 10, 2012 minutes. Ed Dypa made the motion to accept, seconded by Augie DeFrance. The vote to approve was unanimous.
Beth provided a draft of potential 2013 meeting dates. Ed Dypa made a motion to approve these dates, Ryan Kennedy seconded, and approval was unanimous. Beth will check with Police Department to confirm that the meeting space is available.
FINANCIAL STATEMENT Beth summarized the expenses since the last financial statement in October. She had noted the encumbered amounts to show an actual amount available. However, the SHPO project amount of $438,619 was not officially encumbered. If that is taken into consideration, the bond issue account has $27,178.44 remaining. Augie DeFrance made the motion to accept the statement, seconded by Ed Dypa, and the vote was unanimous.
BUDGET ITEMS Two Suburban invoices totaling $19.49 related to grant application expenses were received. Augie DeFrance motioned to approve, Larry Riley seconded, and the vote was unanimous.
SP+A submitted an invoice for $6,700 to cover 100% of the amended amount of the schematic design phase. Larry Riley made the motion to approve payment, seconded by Trevor Davis. The vote to approve was unanimous.
SP+A also submitted an invoice for $6,763.66 to cover 5% of construction documents ($2,488.50), 15% of construction documents amendment ($2,900.55), posters ($1,300) and reimbursable expenses ($74.61). Augie De France made a motion to approve payment, Larry Riley seconded, and the vote was unanimous.
Eckersley Hall Building Committee Minutes    1 November 12, 2012
Ron O. asked again about the mechanics of transferring $300K from the state and $75K from the city for the veterans’ museum. Ron K. said it would be handled through Bill Russo. Ron O. also asked about a timeline: John Ireland indicated the sequencing for Senior Center construction needed to be parallel to the Museum’s move, hopefully by the end of 2013.

COORDINATOR/ASSISTANT CONTRACT The committee asked to be appraised when the current allocations for this position were nearing an end, so additional action could be taken.
JAN CUNNINGHAM CONTRACT Jan Cunningham communicated to Ron that she was waiting for clarification from SHPO about inclusion of the exterior in the SHPO tax credit application. She asked that we table discussion of her contract until the next meeting. Ron reported he received a call from Clocktower (a tax credit broker), who indicated they couldn’t match what NU might offer.
SHPO RESTORATION FUNDS Beth reported that, with help from a host of reviewers, SP+A, and city staff, she submitted a Restoration Fund grant proposal to SHPO for $438,619 and received acknowledgement that it was received. Decisions will not be made before Spring 2013.
LEED CERTIFICATION PROPOSAL John Ireland described the LEED process and provided a handout with 110 possible points and their suggestions for reaching certification at 42. Ensuing discussions indicate a higher level, perhaps silver, might be realistic, and gold is even possible. John will continue to present information as the process continues.
SCHEDULE FOR NEXT FEW MONTHS John suggested that Eagle Environmental could start their work and estimated bid documents would be ready mid-to end February. Based on committee interest, SP+A indicated they could include supplemental conditions to encourage inclusion of a certain percentage of Middletown companies. John outlined the process and thought ten to twelve contractors might be interested. Their proposals would come to this committee to select those to interview. John thought the contract might be awarded mid-April and construction would start June/July.
ENERGY CONSERVATION MEASURES Ron will convene a meeting of appropriate participants to progress on the geothermal conversation.
There was none.
Chair Klattenberg asked for a motion to adjourn. Made by Ed Monarca and seconded by Larry Riley, the vote was unanimous and the meeting adjourned at 8:0 PM.
Eckersley Hall Building Committee Minutes    2 November 12, 2012

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