Friday, July 27, 2012

Your Daily Spin from the Middletown Mess!

Middletown Insider graphic inspired by Delauro own words
 as quoted in a NY Times article,  Oct. 11 2005
Your Daily Spin from the Middletown Mess is becoming a regular feature of the Insider! Take a moment to read the above article from the Middletown Mess. Since candidates vying for State Representative offices around CT declared their candidacy in May, Rep. Rosa Delauro has had 6 separate articles written in the Mess of her paling around our fair City with Mayor Dan Drew. These fluff pieces have been written under the guise of visiting local businesses, seeing plays, a Womens' Health Conference at a local congregation ( where she was the ONLY politician invited to speak mind you), and a visit to NEAT's Farmer's Market. All of these "outing" are written from the view point that this was a spontaneous encounter, not a crafted part of the campaign process. All politicians campaign- Candidate Linda McMahon visited Middletown less than two weeks ago and visited local businesses on Main Street, yet no fan fare from the Mess or other media outlets- outside of it being mentioned on her own website occurred. The Insider does pretend to be privy to the inner workings of the McMahon campaign on whether the lack of coverage was planned or not, but we at the Insider have repeatedly noticed the  predisposition of the Middletown Press to always cover when a Democratic Candidate goes to a public function, or more obvious releases a press release; and rarely if ever cover when an Independent, Green, or Republican does the same or even something more attention worthy.  While the most recent article touts NEAT's wonderful outreach program, which we too at the Insider applaud and think is wonderful, it is clear from the author's word that the focus of the article is mainly on getting quotes from the politicians. The article would have been much better if the visit from the politicians was not included and focused more on the NEAT's program.

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