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Editor's note:  In this issue, Pastor Roots intelligently and dispassionately sums up the choices and consequences we face, this coming election.
Roots in Ripon
Chuck Roots
17 October 2016

Every election cycle brings out the same old hackneyed accusations and “gotcha!” revelations by each candidate about their opponent. And now that we’re in the final few weeks of the 2016 presidential election, each candidate and their nudniks are using the most broad-brushed black paint in characterizing their political opponent.

I’m sure looking forward to this childish nonsense to end. Then maybe my email Inbox can return to some semblance of normality. Can I get an “Amen”?

So then, what are we the American people to do with two candidates that have the lowest approval level in history (or so it is reported)? One simple answer: VOTE! Set aside the personal quirks, oddities, blunders and foolishness of both Clinton and Trump, and engage in some due diligence by studying the pressing issues that confront our nation right now. Who is most likely to handle these challenges?

1.     National Debt – Our nation is rocketing toward an indebtedness that is unthinkable. We are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt, doubling in the past eight years. It is clear to “We the People” that Congress and the President do not know how to properly use the monies obtained from us, the American taxpayers. So, which of the two candidates is most likely to stop the hemorrhaging of out-of-control spending by our elected representatives?

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 2.     Military Readiness – It is reported that our military has been weakened to the point that we are as unprepared to handle the exigencies of world-wide threats today as we were in the late 1930s leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor which, ready-or-not (and we were definitely NOT), launched us into World War Two. Just this week missiles have been wantonly launched numerous times against our Navy warships off the coast of Somalia. Benghazi and Syria also come to mind. There’s a robust Communist China and a bellicose Russia, to boot. So, which candidate will have the steely resolve to stand against the world’s bullies?

3.     Loss of Jobs – Over the past number of years the unemployment rate has been toyed with by the current administration to make it appear as though the unemployment rate has gone down. The truth is voodoo economics. Whole categories of people are used or ignored to “fudge” the numbers. Large companies and corporations are either moving to “business-friendly” states, or relocating outside of the United States in an attempt to reduce the costs of doing business. Which candidate is more likely to turn this behemoth problem around by creating an environment where businesses can once again thrive?

4.     National Security – The alarming rate of people from around the world who are crossing our borders illegally is appalling. Americans who live along the Rio Grande River are watching people simply walk across into the United States. Many of these Americans are assaulted and terrorized by these illegals. Our Border patrol is woefully undermanned and incapable of putting a stop to this abuse of our national borders. Again, which candidate is most likely to take the necessary steps to stem this flow of illegals into our country?

5.     Threat of ISIS – Any number of Islamic groups, ISIS being the “threat du jour”, are targeting our country for take-over. It is the intent of Islam to subjugate all peoples under the banner of Islam. So if they can neutralize America and its power against them, the rest of the world should be much easier to conquer. Even a cursory study of Islam will enlighten you as to the projected goals of world dominance by this far from benign religion. Islam has been attacking the United States aggressively since 1968 with the assassination of Bobby Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan. Which of the two presidential hopefuls will have the courage to go against the conventional thinking that wants to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and take aggressive action against this murderous threat to our nation?

6.     Constitutional Anemia – The very core of our nation, and the basis upon which all laws and policies derive is the Constitution. This singular document, lovingly crafted by men who had never before experienced the freedoms they hoped for the rest of us, and under the guiding hand of James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, is now under serious threat of being weakened by those who have chosen to give variant interpretations to its meaning and purpose, specifically the first, second and fourth amendments. Which of the candidates is most likely to honor the Constitution and uphold its rightful place in governing our nation?

It would be easy to list many more issues that we Americans must face
under a new administration, but you get the idea. 

          The beauty of our country and its laws and form of governance is that “We the People” get to choose by election in the ballot box the person we want to lead us into the future. Study the issues. Get to know more about your candidate. And then cast your vote. 

          The Bible declares, “What is impossible with man, is possible with God.” This is why we can still pray and expect God to bless America.

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