Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen - Letter to DEEP Commisioner re: Hatchery Funding

FISHERIES ADVISORY COUNCIL - A group of dedicated citizens from all regions of the state working together for fish and fishing in Connecticut.
Robert J. Klee, Commissioner Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106

Re: Hatchery Funding

Dear Commissioner Klee:

As I mentioned to you prior to the Holidays, the Fisheries Advisory Council (“FAC”) at its December meeting directed me to request, in the strongest terms, the FAC’s opposition to any cuts to the personal services or other expenses line items in the agency’s budget necessary to operate all three of the state’s hatcheries at their current levels.

Prevatte Endorses Sanders

 William M.Prevatte-
Presidential Endorsement
At this time  on January 29th,2016   a presidential  debate has been underway . I am honored and
pleased to announce that I personally support and endorse Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
as president of the United States of America. Would support national health care for everyone 
and the working class people. It’s time we have a change in who runs the United States of
America.  Would like to say to President Barack Obama thank you for your terms as our
president.    Mr. Senator Sanders is more than competent to leading the United States of
America.  As our new  president of the United States.   The reason why I personally  would
support  and endorse Mr. Sanders is because I am in full support of the republican party. 
Senator Sanders  as a supporter for  United States Government . I  have chosen  at this time to
say  he will support our veterans  who fight for our country for world peace and resolution and to
come home to see their families. It is with great pleasure and honor to say I endorse Mr. Vermont
Senator and presidential candidate  Bernie Sanders. For  president of the United States of
America.  I approve this message because  it is time for a change in the United States of America 
presidential leadership. I also am  in support of  Senator Sanders because he is right for  
president and  feel he can get things done. He would support keeping health care nationally for
everyone and the supporting of world working class people. And keeping jobs in the U.S.
Vote for Mr. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as our next president.
Thank you,
William M. Prevatte

Wood 'N' Water - Mike Roberts, "On Guns"

“The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones” -From the play, Julius Caesar by Shakespeare-.
            Truer words were never spoken. One only has to look at the aftermath of  the horrendous massacres that have taken place in America and other nations to understand what was meant by that Shakespearean quote. Not a day goes by that these tragedies are not mentioned in one form of news or another. And it is so easy to demonize firearms and firearms owners for these horrific tragedies. The fact that such an act was committed by a deranged human being is often overlooked when all of the focus is on the fact that a firearm was used.
            “Ban firearms” is the battle cry after one of these shootings, even those that involve the criminal element in our society. Being a legitimate firearms owner, I wonder just where the “Ban on firearms” is going to end up? With all of the tragic shootings taking place across the country, it is not all that hard for a person to develop a dislike for firearms, especially if a loved one was one of the victims, and I can understand that. Something has to be done, but what? Tell those with evil intent on their mind to obey the law? You'll sooner see the sun rise in the west!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Straw Poll to Benefit CT Trees of Honor Memorial

CT Trees of Honor Memorial
On Sunday, January 31st from 4-8 PM, a bi-partisan straw poll, the first of its kind, will convene at Camp's Restaurant, 412 Main Street, in Middletown.  All proceeds will go to benefit the Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial, located within Veteran's Memorial Park, also in Middletown, on Walnut Grove Rd..  Trees of Honor was founded by Sue Martucci.

Held the day before the Iowa Caucus, the event presents Connecticut residents a fun forum to support their choice in the race for the Presidency before the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire narrow the field.  It is open to anyone over the age of 15.
This event, organized by Connecticut National Guardsman John Kilian, has been received with enthusiasm by various campaigns and party leaders. Outreach by GOP Chair J.R. Romano has resulted in advance coverage in the Middletown Insider and further outreach to GOP leaders by the editor, Bill Boylan.

Middletown Comings and Goings

Written by a collaboration of Insider staff.


Camp's Menu

Middletown has a new restaurant named "Camp's" on Main St.. My hope is that it does better than the last restaurant located there.  Camp's post their hours on Face Book as Tuesday thru Saturday from 4:00 pm - 1:00 am and Sunday from 10:30 am - 9:00 pm, but I was there one Sunday at noon:15 and the place was locked up tighter than a drum and no hours were posted.  One passerby said they will never succeed by opening when ever they feel like it; another said he keeps looking but has yet to see them open.

New Building on S. Main

When did South Main St. become gasoline alley? It seems they are building another gas station; maybe a Cumberland Farms?  Good; it’s about time someone did something with the abandoned station; it was an eyesore and a safety hazard with open holes around the old pump locations.

Press Release – Lawmakers Demand Stores Ban Guns


Once again, Congressmen step outside the scope of their authority.  (And you call that news?  Just the status quo, folks, nothing to see here; move along . . . .)

for Immediate Release:

(Groton, CT) The Connecticut Citizens Defense League addresses letter from members of Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation sent to the Connecticut Food Association.

Comments from CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“Senators Blumenthal, Murphy and representative Esty are over-stepping their bounds with regards to their authority. Instead of concerning themselves with federal issues, they are using the Federal Government letterhead to harass a state level association (Connecticut Food Association). This is a bully tactic that is being deployed by legislators that in reality have little to say about Connecticut state laws. What the three of these people are doing has absolutely zero to do with state law anyway. Esty, Blumenthal and Murphy are actually trying to circumvent existing state law by forcing retailers

Volunteers Sought: Organizers needed for Walk Against Hunger Benefit

Help Organize the Walk Against Hunger to Benefit St. Vincent dePaul Soup Kitchen and Amazing Grace Food Pantry
The Walk Against Hunger Leadership Committee has begun to meet in anticipation of this year’s event on May 1st, 2016. The committee is in search of a couple more individuals to help organize and promote this wonderful event.
The Walk Against Hunger is hosted annually by FoodShare. For the past 3 years this event has been a great opportunity for us to raise much-needed funds, as incoming donations typically slow down during the summer months. To achieve our fundraising goal, we hope to recruit more teams and gain the support of more businesses and organizations in the Middletown area. As such, we are hoping to add a couple more community-minded individuals to our committee. We value the ideas of local residents and feel that your input would help the committee as we plan for this year’s Walk.
The Leadership Committee meets about every 3 weeks during the months of February, March, and April. The next meeting is coming up on February 2nd at 5:00pm.
If you would like to be involved with this great event, please contact Jesica Broderick to let us know. We’d love to have you on board!
Last Years Team Walkers:

The Walk Is Fun!

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