Saturday, January 30, 2016

Middletown Comings and Goings

Written by a collaboration of Insider staff.


Camp's Menu

Middletown has a new restaurant named "Camp's" on Main St.. My hope is that it does better than the last restaurant located there.  Camp's post their hours on Face Book as Tuesday thru Saturday from 4:00 pm - 1:00 am and Sunday from 10:30 am - 9:00 pm, but I was there one Sunday at noon:15 and the place was locked up tighter than a drum and no hours were posted.  One passerby said they will never succeed by opening when ever they feel like it; another said he keeps looking but has yet to see them open.

New Building on S. Main

When did South Main St. become gasoline alley? It seems they are building another gas station; maybe a Cumberland Farms?  Good; it’s about time someone did something with the abandoned station; it was an eyesore and a safety hazard with open holes around the old pump locations.

Calling Card

Speaking of new, we hear that the Dog Park will be going into Veteran's park by the summer. I’m wondering how the Veteran's feel about this along with the CT Trees of Honors Memorial. My hope was the dog park would go elsewhere and the Veteran's park kept along the lines of honoring Veterans along with the Trees of Honor Memorial and the new Military Museum.

I stopped by the park Sunday and found the gate locked.  Sign says “Gate closed Nov. – Mar.”  I wonder what would happen if we didn’t pay our taxes from November thru March?

Demo'd at TSC's Newfield St. Location
A Tractor Supply Company store will be coming to Newfield St. sometime in the late spring or early summer. It’s nice to see more businesses come to that area of town after the Malloy/Obama economy nearly ruined it.

This will be good; TSC will give Agway some much needed competition.  Maybe Agway will lower some of their exorbitant prices?  Too bad that beautiful brick home has to be destroyed, though.

Calli Grippo opened a new consignment store at 749 Saybrook Rd.! Callie's Contemporary Consignments is an upscale consignment store featuring an inventory of new or like-new merchandise.

Callie's accepts and sells lady's and men's designer fashions, sporting goods, home decor, jewelry,
books, DVDs.  They have a full kid's room full of toy,s books, clothes and collector items.

And goings,

One recent Monday, WLIS/WMRD listeners were treated to 45 min. of dead air, followed by a rerun of the Micheal Medved Show, which is pretty much the same thing.

Metro Prices

Metro Movies decided to raise their prices from $7.00 to $10.75 for evening shows. They also raised
Matinee prices and did away with bargain Tuesday's. I am wondering if Middletown will have a movie theater much longer with their outdated chairs and over priced tickets and refreshments.  Maybe they will buy new chairs with the increased proceeds.

Sad to see it go, but Alpha Pizza house is rumored to be closing down after 100 yrs in business

Still wondering when the Tax office will get the safety glass that was authorized a few years ago? The money for it to be built is there, but someone seems to be is dragging their feet on the safety of City Employees.  (Why is it just the tax office that is getting bullet proof glass; are they expecting an armed revolt?  What a revolting situation that would be.)

Westbound on Russell St.

Is this not a disaster waiting to happen? Think: October Snow Storm, Hurricane Sandy, etc.

Lastly, to our friend Sandra, good luck to you in all your future ventures!


  1. Had the experience of eating at Camp's tonight. Good food, good service. I'll go back!

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    Great wrap up of local comings & goings- Love this blog


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