Friday, December 11, 2015

Tillett to Run for Second District Senate Seat

2nd District Senate Candidate Theresa Tillett

Theresa Tillett today announced that she has officially filed the paperwork with the State Elections Enforcement Commission for a 2016 campaign for State Senate in Connecticut's Second District!

In her announcement, she urges patriots to support the Constitutional candidates by subscribing to, Liking and Following them on their social media pages and interacting with their election pages to help raise the search rankings.  "CT GOP candidates will need "All Hands On Deck" to work on flipping the General Assembly so that we can undo the crazy madness the democrats are forcing upon us", she says.

This is Tillett's second run for that seat.  In last year's election, she garnered more votes than there are Republican voters registered in Bloomfield.  For a first time candidate, that is an outstanding accomplishment and proves that Democrats DO cross party lines!

Middletown Insider knows Tillett on a personal and political level and has no doubt that she will adhere to the letter and spirit of the US and Connecticut Constitutions.  She will work tirelessly to reign in out-of-control spending and to counter Dan Malloy and Democrat's irresponsible and unconstitutional spending and over reaching regulations.

Tillett; "Lady Liberty"
She cannot do it alone, however.  She needs the voters across the state; Republican, Democrat and independent, to rally together and vote out those who for decades have been destroying the Constitution State and her legacy of liberty, prosperity and innovation.

Therese Tillett comes from a working class family who has suffered through the hard times shared by most of us, unlike the elitists in the Democrat Party.  She knows what we have gone through and is as tired of it as you are.

Next election day, make a concerted effort to #VoteRowBinCT for a return to responsible, limited government.


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