Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas - Share The Memories

CHRISTMAS. While this Christian holiday is celebrated in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is perhaps unique insofar as it is also celebrated by people of many faiths; even those of no faith.

Norman Rockwell
Over the centuries, celebration of Christmas has evolved to include religious observance, the giving of gifts, decoration of trees and homes and city streets, the erection of Nativity scenes, an endless creation of heartwarming stories, joyous songs, caroling, parades and gathering with family and friends.

The religious observance is for the purpose of honoring the birth of the Savior; the giving of gifts symbolizes the gifts brought to the Christ-child by the Three Wise Men and gathering with family and friends is for the purpose of sharing fellowship and love with those who are most important to us.  (The parades and decorations and so forth are, well, just for fun!)

All of these things serve to create fond and everlasting memories for young and old, alike.  No matter where you are in the world, you are invited to share your most memorable Christmas moments with us, here.  Click on the "comments" link, below to do so.  You may post anonymously, if you wish.  And please tell us where you are writing from and share with your social media.

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