Friday, October 23, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Write in Candidate Claims Mayor's Absence from Debate a Ploy

Letter to the Editor:

Tonight was supposed to be the one and only debate between Sandra Russo- Driska, and Dan Drew. That didn’t happen. I arrived at the DeKoven House at 5:30pm for a pre-planned rally beforehand, and was immediately told that the debate had been canceled by Dan Drew, because his wife, Kate Drew (Not her actual name), had pre-term contractions and was being treated at Middlesex Hospital. This created unrest amongst the people that had gathered, and I myself was quite upset.
I, specifically, declined a spot in the debate last week, because I consider my positions on the issues too aligned with that of Sandra Russo- Driska, and my presence would have been inane, and potentially a hindrance for her, and her campaign. It is widely known, that my public position is, that getting to know Sandra Russo- Driska throughout my campaign, and in my many meetings with her, I believe the fire in her heart burns bright for the people of Middletown, and I simply cannot be against that. I may be the only candidate ever to say that yes, I can do the job because I have the energy, drive, and resolve to affect positive change in the City of Middletown, but so does my opponent, Sandra Russo- Driska. A vote for me is appreciated, but a vote for her would not make me sad.
I was psyched for the debate, to say the least. Logistical problems became apparent early on in the week, Monday, actually, when my Father, John Clark, the owner of a Video Production Service, volunteered at his own expense, and time, to record this for the public, and then broadcast it on Comcast Public Access, on three separate dates, during prime time, before the election. This was approved by the Republicans and the Democrats on Monday night, at the Meet the Candidates function. Tuesday morning, emails were received from Rosa Browne, the Local Chapter President for the NAACP that she did not agree to the video recording. Many Republican and Tea Party members caught wind of this, and as they said they would, they showed up this evening prepared with cameras, and prepared to be arrested if need be for doing so. One of those individuals is Palin Smith, and sir, you have my ultimate respect. Late Tuesday Afternoon, it allegedly came out that Rosa Browne was not the one to deny the recording, but it was allegedly Dan Drew going through Rosa Browne. As I said, allegedly this happened, and for Ms. Browne’s sake, I really hope it’s not true.
Finally, the debate was here. It was going to happen. I arrived at 5:30pm for the Demonstration Rally, and then at 7pm, we would go in to see the debate. Not so. As soon as I arrived, Councilman Phillip Pessina told me that the debate had been canceled by Dan Drew, because his wife had medical complications with her pregnancy, and was at Middlesex Hospital. Immediately, I thought this was a ploy, put on by Dan Drew, to get out of a debate he knew he would never win. I still believe this to be true, and proved it, to an extent. I may have said things in anger over this, for which I have apologized to the proper people. People may or not know this about me; I am actively handicapped. I have an open wound in my abdomen, which is attended to by a nurse, of Middlesex Hospital each day. However, properly addressed, I go about my life, as uncomfortable as it may be. This wound, and the ones previous to it, were the result of 12 surgeries since December 2014. I spent many months in Middlesex Hospital, and as a result have many contacts and friends there. I will not reveal any of these names. 
When it was said that Mrs. Drew was in Middlesex Hospital, and everyone believing it to be a ploy Dan Drew was hiding behind, I made it known I was going to make a visit to Middlesex Hospital to investigate. Not only was the Mayor’s car not there, contact made with Hospital Employee’s confirmed that Mrs. Drew (Whose name I know is not Kate) was not a registered patient there, and she was not a patient in the Emergency Department. Unfortunately, if you are not admitted for an overnight observation stay, your name shows up in Patient Registration, unless you are admitted, at which point you are given the option through a form, not to be listed, and not to receive phone calls, or visitors. And the Security on the Maternity unit is even stricter. I will not reveal my sources to anyone, so don’t ask, and don’t try.

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At approximately 8:45pm, another unnamed source allegedly drove by the Mayor’s Residence, and it was told to me, that the Mayor’s Car, MN-1, and another car were present, and the lights were on in the home. At this time, I was at Price Chopper, so no, it was not me.
Earlier today, I emailed Mr. Drew, again requesting a debate, this time opening up the rules a little bit: Anytime, Anywhere, in any venue. You choose Mr. Mayor, and you can give me notice, or no notice, and I will be there. I did however, limit it to just between He and I, but I’m certainly open to having Sandra Russo- Driska there as well. Again, it would just be the issue that we agree on too many issues. But the offer stands. I’ll even suggest we do it at Middletown High School, or Vinal Technical High School. And if for nothing else, these are educational institutions that have classes on student leadership; The hell with a debate, why not just have the students ask us questions? It gets our youth involved, and it serves an educational purpose.
I’m not going away Mr. Drew. In fact, you can pretty much expect a request for a debate, every day until the election. In the end, I will shake your hand, and we’ll go our separate ways. But God have mercy on your soul if you win a 4 year term; I will be up your ass so much it will feel like a prison sentence. 
I am Brian E. Clark, and on November 3rd.


  1. So your friends at the hospital broke the law and every rule the hospital has regarding patient confidentiality. Your friends should be prepared to lose their jobs when the investigation is completed. Unless, of course, they don't really exist and you are making this up.

  2. Journalistic Sources are protected under the Constitution. Don't you love America? I certainly do, and I'll die before I give up a source.

  3. Just curious? How did his friends break the law? Friends wouldn't and can't lose their job because he has chosen to be too honorable to reveal his sources!! Shame on you MR. or Mrs. Anonymous you tend to stray into or hold most important what should or you want to be the truth rather than what actually is!! Just saying!!! Francesca Quaranta SEE Real Name!!!

  4. Revealing confidential medical information is a crime under HIPAA. Journalistic sources are not constitutionally protected, nor is this even a situation where it would come into play. These are not "sources" these are people who committed a crime by revealing confidential information to you.
    But cool story bro, make up another.

  5. You can call it like you see it, Mr. Anonymous. But here's the difference between me and you: Maybe I took it too far, but I am well versed in the law, and I know exactly what protections I am afforded, and I know that I personally, am only guilty of making a poor decision in how I went about this. Most importantly, however, I don't hide behind a computer screen and an "Anonymous" tag. I make myself known and available to be met anytime, anywhere, and in any venue. So if you ever want to come from behind that keyboard and back up the s#%t you talk. Call me.

  6. You are correct that you, personally, are not guilty of a crime. Only the people who released confidential medical information are guilty of a crime. You should be aware, however, that Middlesex Hospital's computer system keeps logs of every terminal that accesses that information. If a complaint is made it would take the hospital's IT people about a half hour get a list of everyone who attempted to access the information, and it would take just a little while longer to figure out who did not have a permitted reason to do so. So, you have no reason to fear that you will be forced to sit in jail rather than rat someone out, you have already revealed all of the information needed. So I don't really think that the important issue is who I am, the important issue is the way that you put your "friends" at risk in your foolish attempt to attack the mayor in a truly vile way.
    Just so there is no misunderstanding, I am NOT threatening to file a complaint with the hospital. I have no intention of doing so. Assuming that your friends exist, whatever happens to them will have nothing to do with me.

  7. Mr. Anonymous, I pray for you sir, or ma'am. Just Writing these comments shows you show concern for your City, and others. Perhaps we aren't so different after all. I'll always make myself available to you if you wish to meet and discuss this, or other issues. My contact information is available on my Facebook page, at Than you for being concerned for someone other than yourself. I admire that.


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