Friday, October 23, 2015

BOE Candidates Answer Questions- Read the responses!

200 parents turned out last night for the Ad Hoc BOE Redistricting committee presentation.
Resident Steve Roberts and a group of  other parents put together the questions packet which was distributed to all candidates.The goal of the packet was to inform voters of the candidate's beliefs on the topic of redistricting, or at least it will tell you the beliefs of the candidates that chose to respond. The candidates were sent the questions on October 18th and were asked to respond by October 21st. A reminder email was then sent out on October 20th, to make sure all of the candidates knew what the deadline to respond was. The answers are provided in original format below - pages maybe out of order. 


  1. Wow, so at the previous forum ALL of the Democrats running for BOE were FOR refistricting and as of last night they do a 180 . Brilliant on Mr. Roberts part to make them show their true feelings about this issue prior to the showboating last night & pass out their answers, either missing or grammatically disastrous, or vague & typical nonstance politics- as demonstrated by all the democrats candidates. Well, now I know who I'm voting for!

  2. Since when is socio economic balancing required by the state? NO patent spoke in favor of this last night. And the members of the ad hoc committee wouldn't even stand by the idea after it was presented. Hopefully Dr. Charles & Ms. Macri listen to parents on this huge issue, if not they should not keep their jobs. 500+ signed a petition against this!


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