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Candidate Bio: Angel Fernandez (R) for Planning & Zoning

Angel Fernandez (R) for Planning & Zoning
Candidate Bio Angel Fernandez (R) for Planning & Zoning:

I was born and raised in north end of Hartford and have been living in Middletown for the past 17 years.

I am married and have 3 sons. The oldest is currently serving in the Marine Corps. I was medically retired from the US Navy from injuries from the current war on terrorism after 16 years of service including reserve time.  My family stayed in Middletown while I was forward deployed in the Southwest Asia theater of Operation, since my wife's family lives here and the because of the educational system of the Middletown. I really enjoy the diversity and how the community works with each other. When I retired in 2007, I started consulting and that’s when I got involved with the Office of Emergency Management and George Dunn was the person who recruited me. At that moment I was in involved in fighting for benefits and treatment of Veterans. I was part of the Yellow Ribbon program for the Pennsylvania National Guard for almost two years until state funding ran out. I have been working directly with AMVETS as a National Warrior Transition Coordinator at a national level on the same issues and awareness for the veterans. As Deputy Director of the Office of Emergency Management, I have seen the inner workings of the city government and how budgets and other matters work. I feel more part of the community than ever since being deputy director of emergency management, because during the past few storms I got to interact with residents of Middletown and it feels wonderful when you see them either at grocery stores or church and they know you are there for them.

As the Deputy Director Of Emergency Management I run day to day operations and training of volunteer personnel, including the response to any emergency for the City of Middletown for any man-made or natural disaster. I work as a Logistical Officer with other state and federal agencies during a statewide declared state of emergency to include Middletown and surrounding communities.

I am an instructor for the US Navy Law Enforcement and Course Curriculum Developer and Anti-Terrorism for Mid-Atlantic region and Mediterranean Forces.

I have conducted research and development for the US Navy with Lockheed Martin and other government contract provider as a Subject matter Expert in Terrorism ideology and methods of operation.

I also own a small consulting firm employing military veterans.

I am and instructor of Firearms Safety and Range Officer, educating Law Enforcement and Civilians in firearms safety and develop stress induced training on how the body reacts to stress under certain extreme scenarios. l am called upon for my professional input from the Military and Law Enforcement on this subject.

I volunteer with the National Warrior Transition Coordinator AMVETS, working with Veterans from current and past wars in transitioning programs and workshops across the country.

Middlesex Community College - Courses in Criminal Justice 
Central State of Connecticut - Courses in Public Safety Administration.
National Incident Command Management (FEMA) all Line officer courses for Emergency Management.
US Navy First Line Leadership Development Program.
US Navy Law Enforcement Certification.

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  1. What on earth does that have to do with Angel's bio?

  2. Good luck, Angel!

  3. There isn't a guy with a bigger heart than Angel! You got my vote!

  4. Angel is a wonderful guy!!


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