Saturday, October 03, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Poor Behavior at Finance Meeting

 The city of  Middletown is currently served by ONE full time Animal  Control Officer and one part-time officer.  The Police Chief would like to hire two more full time officers for a total of three in order to sufficiently cover the needs of the city.  One third of all animal calls are covered by police officers.

 I attended the regular meeting of the Finance and Government Commission last night and was appalled by the  behavior of some of the members sitting on the commission. 

The Police Chief was present to ask for funding for the additional positions and to provide information to the commission that had previously been requested that he provide.  While the Police Chief was making his  presentation, several of the commissioners were having a private discussion; I found this rude to the Police Chief  and to the public as it was very difficult to follow what was being explained. 

 I assume these commissioner are voted in because the public feels they would act like adults in decision making rather than talking between themselves like children and  ignoring the topic at hand.

Maybe they should get a time out for bad behavior.

Very disappointed;
Barbara Melia

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