Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rep. Matt Lesser " I'm transracial"

Press Release from the Office of (D)State Representative Matthew Lesser

Hartford- As many the folks out there may know, I recently joined the black and Hispanic caucus up at the state’s capital. 

As said: “When Lesser asked to join the Black & Latino caucus, there was some quiet head scratching in some corners of the State Capitol.  As it turns out, Lesser’s mother came from Argentina.” 

Well, I have to admit there were some folks out there scratched more than their heads when I announced my intention to apply and join the Black & Latino Caucus despite two terms of not being apart of it; I mean take a good look at me. My Edward E. Newman smile, and sandy hair- it all makes sense, I am definitely a Hispanic. This being politics, I realized that I would have to prove my heritage and I am asking the Middletown Insider to publish a photo of my puffy and smiley Argentinian face in a band I founded in the 1970s: Menudo.  It’s true folks, check Wikipedia, or ask the same people that claimed my buddy Daniel T. Drew took down a corrupt sheriff.   

            I clearly remember when my opponent in last year’s election bragged about her dancing roots in various articles. I felt at that time I should have come out of the closet about my dancing past as a Spanish heartthrob, hell, I taught Ricky Martin how shake his boooo-tay.  Please check the internet for proof of my Hispanic heritage, Between the years 1988-2011 I worked on several of the following albums with the boyz: Sons of Rock; Sombras Y Figura; Los Ultimos Heroes; Vote for me, I’m Spanish, Tiempo De Amar and Driving to Obama with Danny. If that doesn’t work, then check out the photo below.

Rachel Dolezal, former leader of the NAACP Spokane can be born white and identify as black making her a brave progressive transracial hero. I too am a transracial hero. I know the plight of the hispanic man and what its like to overcome adversity.


Matthew Lesser
“When in doubt Re-district after Midnight”

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