Friday, June 19, 2015

Letter to the Editor Salafia: 'Amazed at Sodexo Contract Renewal'

Dear Insider,

I am amazed that BOE approved the renewal of the Sodexo contract even though it has been shown that they have not in reality saved the district money according to an independent audit.  The amount that would be saved by not using Sodexo could have funded about 5 teaching positions. 

The relationship between the 466 union employees and the BOE administration had been on the mend since the Frechette/Senges/Haynes days and is now again on the decline. Remember these are the employees actually working in the schools, they see first hand what is gong on.

According to the Middletown Press article, some of the BOE members expressed opinions that they were in favor of the job the Sodexo was doing with capital projects.  The Press article states that if some of these capital projects have been "overdue by a decade".   Why?? The capital projects are under the purview of the Common Council and not the BOE.  If the Democratic majority on the BOE is not getting the support from the Democratic majority on the Common Council for capital projects then there is a serious problem. Remember that these majorities have existed for years. 

In my opinion, this contract renewal was the wrong way to go; with so much pointing to the flaws / problem in the contract, it would have been better to have voted it down.

Linda Salafia

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