Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Comments from the Public about the Middletown's Board of Education

Comment originally published in the last Rumblings section

Really !! Don't blame the new BOE manager...that place was screwed up way before she got there... from my understanding, she is doing a fabulous job in straightening out the mess over there. The person that should be looked at is the Facilities / Band Director. What qualifies a Band Director to run Facilitates?? Oh wait, He brought in a contractor to do his job while he continues to screw things up. ( Can you say payoff ) Someone ( Gaylord ) has got to be getting something in return to keep defending Sadexo who is doing a terrible job and who let one of the schools run out of oil. They are a waste of tax payer's money and need to go He may be doing more underhanded things like hiring his kids AND himself for doing jobs not related to him,,, can you say conflict of interest !! How do we know if he's fudging the hrs for them... Oh my, the list can go on and on.. sooo,the board may want to dig a little deeper in this guy.. and his associates on More Rumblings about Middletown! Read Carefully Insider Lover


  1. Say it ain't so! Nepotism, incompetence and abuse of taxpayer money in Middletown? Shocker.

  2. Both of them are a waste of taxpayer money, useless and couldn't cut it in the real world. In other words just like most of the other city employees who get and keep their jobs based on who they know or are related to.

  3. It's a joke in our city. The only people who get jobs in the schools are ones who have their daddy on the town council, are sleeping with the assistant superintendent, or are their best friends. Stop spending money on those who don't deserve the jobs. We pay enough in taxes.

  4. Others that get jobs are people like Josh Burger who works for the Board of Education and has no formal teaching background, but gets the same benefits as as a teacher. Why? Yep, you were correct his mother-in-law is the infamous Councilwoman Hope Kasper who pushes for all these laws around town, with one common denominator: it affects her or her family. SELFISH!

  5. Is Gaylord the one responsible for the illegal food service contract that he already had to bid out twice because he screwed it up? Probably was too busy hiring his kids to work at Macdonough summer school.


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