Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Rumblings about Middletown! Read Carefully Insider Lovers!

1. The Middletown Press, umm, The Middletown Mess ran a story today reminding us Rep. Joe Serra is still alive after getting a call it had been a full 72 hours since a “S “family member was mentioned in the paper. Serra is still "working" to "help" seniors.  In fact, he has gone on record to promise that he will introduce a bill in the next Connecticut House Legislation that will promise to reduce aging for anyone over 62.  It’s sort of like a reverse Logan’s Run thing.  (Google it)

2. How's that Rt. 9 on ramp fix going the DOT proposed in November Rep. Serra? Oh wait that was just a campaign ploy.  How long have you been a State Rep who sits on the transportation committee? Long live CASHO!

3. Mayor Dan Drew has been tweeting all day how he has been out in the snow with emergency crews. Reportedly, an ambulance was stuck on Farm Hill Rd and Drew, with his mighty Asgardian Hammer, helped push it clear, delivered a baby in a snow bank, swaddled the newborn & & breast fed the infant himself while the mother recovered from shock.  He then made damn sure Joe Somalis called Victoria Sunderkistqust at The Mess to put it in the Press, why not? It's an election year suckers.  Taxes still keep going up! Vote Dem! (They have controlled the town's budget since 1991)

4. The roads are 75% clear; the roads are 50% clear. Too soon? Next year, I the mayor will meet with Zeus and the other Olympian Gods to stop the storm. I will take the mystical horse Pegasus up to the heavens to stop the storms.  I fight for YOU, the citizens.  Oh yeah, Obamacare it is the way to go!! Opps, right, the prices continue to go up for that too.

5.  Rep. Matt Lesser (D) Middletown proposes a bill for "legal equality" of snapping turtles, or as Latino Caucus member calls them Tortugas. Christie Carpino (R) Cromwell proposes a bill to allow break-ins to prevent hot-car deaths. What the hell about turtles trapped in hot cars? Unbelievably insensitive. Come on guys and gals, let’s be political correct about everything.  Why not, it’s the 21st Century!  (Trivia: Matt is a member of the Hispanic/Spanish caucus up in Hartford? Jesus, he is whiter than Wonder Bread and he is now hanging out in that Caucus)

6.  The Connecticut Freedom of Information (FOI), Commission has scheduled a March 2015 to hearing for FOI requests for reports and more importantly budget information with regard to the Middletown Board of Education budget.  More importantly, a member of the Middletown Board, Linda Szynkowicz who cannot get an itemized copy of the budget, filed the FOI request.  Don’t believe it? Try to get a copy for yourself or better yet visit a BOE meeting? The budget presented utilized broad numbers and takes the public in circles whenever a logical question was presented by member Szynkowicz to the board.  What happened to transparency Ed4ED?    In unrelated news, there seems to be a matter of a large shredder missing from the BOE basement on Hunting Hill Avenue.  I guess you could check Brochette’s basement on Coleman Road, but don’t hold your breathe!    Where the missing 1.2 million?

7. Did anyone send a letter to Mayor Drew recently seeking an appointment to a vacant City Commission & not receive a answer? Please review the following new instructions in order be appointed by King Drew: Democrats: send your letter of intent to City Hall, 245 deKoven Drive.         

 Republicans: Tie a rock to your letter & toss from Arrigoni Bridge. Aide Joe Samolis will retrieve. Shit that is funny!  Perhaps, anybody living on Wilcox Island will hoard the GOP requests and make a giant paper teepee out of them or it may be revealed that the real BOE budget is hiding on Wilcox Island next to Stephen Devoto's ego.

8. Deer head reportedly found on Wesleyan campus. Where is Stephen Devoto when you need him?  Heck, the Yeti thing was funnier.

9.Connecticut State Sen. Dante “I only won by 213 votes” Bartolomeo is upset that new CT Transit facilities won't have restrooms. DOT states there are no funds to maintain such facilities & that if towns want potties then they should foot the bill. Bartolomeo: "Isn't that what illegal aliens are for?" Yep, she did indeed!

10. Wife killer defender & City Hall leech John Hall of the Jonah Center says it will supply bio-degradable poo poo bags to rail commuters. "If you have to go & are waiting for the train, you have to go somewhere. This way, you can save it, take it home and compost it in your garden, or just toss it from the platform." Bags will feature pictures of  snapping Tortugas & be handed out by volunteer unicyclists lead by Dic Wheeler at stations between Meriden and West Haven. BTW if the City hired a real environmental planner, can't we dump the biology reverend hippy? Hall has asked Mayor Daniel T. Drew to ignore David Messenger’s negative side and let him work with Treasurer Quentin Phipps in the future due to all the checks balances the treasurer has to do with regard to checks and balances and organizing folks to protect that position’s stipend. (Seen rant below)

Translation: The Dems and the GOP wanted to defund the Phipps’ position because it costs the city nearly $5,100 a year and the elected official does NADA!  The job has been phased out years ago 
folks, ask member  Dr. David Larsen, he’s a Democrat so he must be right.  Phipps, after already being muscled out of the city job by Drew and the downtown district, freaked out and made this a an issue that rhymes with lace. Yep, the elected Dems got nervous and stuck the treasurer job back in, even though their own findings said the treasurer position in Middletown should be moot. What happened next?  Phipps claimed on his Facebook page that he was working at a school in the Bronx, a few days later he was called on this and it turned out the school was in Stamford.  Must be nice to say what you want!

11. Despite being hired for an unfunded Environmental Planner position, and despite that 466 does not have a no lay-off clause making it perfectly legal to drop this person, Council majority and hanger-on council members (you know who you are) rumored to keep Michele Ford in her recently acquired position & find the funds. NOTE: they won't be found in any culpable party's pocket. Is employing someone for possibly next 25+ years with full benefits & pension cheaper than a lawsuit or dropping the ax on those who made the boo boo? Who is the mysterious Michelle Ford?  Who does she know? What is her connection with Drew or with Malloy?

12. Senior Center Library named the Phil "ITS FOR THE CHILDREN" Pessina Library. Find the irony in that one.

13. Park & Rec study shows need for new fields and sports facilities in Middletown. Ironically the fields supposed to be built across from a certain Serra's house no longer proposed as needed. NIMBY. 


  1. It is true that republicans are being overlooked for appointments by the mayor's office. CAC Citizen Advisory Council appointed four democrats and one unaffiliated voter.
    We also have an Inland and Wetlands commission that is down four members. I know that a republican put in his letter when another sitting republican moved out of the city. I know that the certain individual still hasn't heard and those spots are still available.

  2. Good luck getting #6. It doesn't exist and FOI won't make them create something if there are no docs. BOE used to have very detailed budgets that can still be found on their website but ever since ed4ed got there they stopped that. And when folks press him on it he gets snarky and insulting. But wouldn't be surprising that nothing exists that woman who does the budget is over her head in a puddle. Erlacher says he was glad when she left city hall and Charles complains about her incompetence to anyone who will listen. They even removed responsibilities from her she's a disaster. So between her and ed4ed no budget details = no surprise.

  3. The BOE employee in questioned should not be made the scapegoat for the screw ups of the entire admin. The issue there have been no changes even w a new super in charge.

  4. Really !! Don't blame the new BOE manager...that place was screwed up way before she got there... from my understanding, she is doing a fabulous job in straightening out the mess over there.
    The person that should be looked at is the Facilities / Band Director. What qualifies a Band Director to run Facilitates?? Oh wait, He brought in a contractor to do his job while he continues to screw things up. ( Can you say payoff ) Someone ( Gaylord ) has got to be getting something in return to keep defending Sadexo who is doing a terrible job and who let one of the schools run out of oil. They are a waste of tax payer's money and need to go
    He may be doing more underhanded things like hiring his kids AND himself for doing jobs not related to him,,, can you say conflict of interest !! How do we know if he's fudging the hrs for them... Oh my, the list can go on and on.. sooo,the board may want to dig a little deeper in this guy.. and his associates

  5. Re: #6...

    What's wrong with http://www.mps1.org/boe/2014-2015AdoptedBudget.pdf?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. What is wrong with this is that it does not tell us who is getting paid, how much they are getting paid, what they do to earn the money, if anything.

    It does show, though, an increase of 1.4 mil in health insurance premium costs and 24K in Common Core materials.

    It also does not reflect where the 30 mil in grant money is being used.



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