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Who is Linda Szynkowicz? Middletown Get out the Vote 2014!
My name is Linda Szynkowicz and I am running for State Rep in the 33rd here in Middletown, CT. I know I am the best candidate for our district and would best represent all my constituents. I have “Fresh Ideas and Common Sense” and have no problem standing up for issues that are important. I also have a very strong work ethic, having grown up on a farm here in the Nutmeg State.

I know what’s important to me, but I really need to know what is important to you. Knowledge is power. I am open minded and will listen to opposing points of view. I will also stick to my convictions, if having all the facts, I believe in what I am voting for or against.

I truly believe, after speaking with numerous Democrats and Independents that there is a lot of common ground. We just need to find it.

·         ECONOMICS: I am a Conservative Republican, who believes in “Economics 101” – in order to increase revenue, you lower taxes. When you lower taxes, people spend more freely. When they spend more freely, it creates the need for more jobs and manufacturing. Hence, more revenue.

·         TAXES: Our taxes here in CT are driving many people out of our state. Hardworking citizens cannot retire here because of the cost of living and outrageous gas taxes. The spending within our government has gotten way out of hand. I propose auditing all the government agencies for redundancy and waste. We need to consolidate and run the state like a small business owner would run their successful business. We have the talents of the people here in CT to turn around the economy – we just need to think outside of the box and make some difficult decisions.

·         WELFARE: We cannot continue on the course we have been on for the last decades. We need to cut the Welfare role, by giving opportunities to those that want to work and better themselves and remove those that just use and abuse the system. The Welfare program was put in place years ago as a temporary way to help those until they got back on their feet. It was not meant to be a life time occupation. I do have a plan to make this happen.

·         COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: I support collective bargaining and am against being a “Right to Work State”. The integrity of the licensing and educational backgrounds needed would be undermined, as well as the safety to the public.

·         SENIORS: Assisting seniors in their golden years by working with the cable companies to give them drastic discounts in their service while simultaneously setting up a program within the state to donate a dollar to a special fund to help seniors pay for their cable would be a way to give them added comfort after working most of their lives.

·         MEDICAL: I would prose the “What’s up Doc Bill?” which would allow the patient’s cost for the office visit to be cut in half after waiting an hour and free with no co-pay after waiting an hour and a half. This would mean the patient would actually have to see the doctor before the hour and not just be stuck in a small exam room. Too many medical offices are double and triple booking appointments. If you are late for an appointment, you are still forced to pay for the visit even if they don’t see you. Circumstances do arise where the doctor is called out for emergencies or surgeries run later than expected. They can notify us if the doctor is running later and give us the option of rescheduling, instead of having us wait for hours, sometimes. A number of people work and have to rearrange their schedules or going during lunch breaks or have others that need to drive them. Visiting a doctor is stressful enough, let alone not knowing how long you’ll be sitting and waiting. Let’s start treating patients as human beings and not just a number.

·         FLAT TAX: I also support the flat tax. Everyone should pay an equal percentage. Let’s make it fair.

·         GUN RIGHTS: I would work to repeal the newest gun law here in CT. It is a knee jerk reaction and violates our second amendment rights.

I do have a number of ideas to help make Connecticut a better State for all of our residents. I just need your vote in November to show that I can make things happen. I am not a career politician. I do believe in term limits. I want to help Connecticut become a great state again.

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