Thursday, June 26, 2014

CT 5th Worst State for Business : Check out 3 Middletown Candidates for Change

They both raised your taxes & took your jobs away. Stop Dannel. 
Stop the protege Dan Jr.
Well, well, Big Dannel really did it to us.  With decades of Democratic majorities in our state legislature, and now with a Democrat in the Governor's Mansion, here is Connecticut's current ranking for business: 45. Its official: We are the 5th WORST state to make a living in in the country!
Come on Middletown! Our Mayor Mini-me Dan Drew hasn't done us much better raising our taxes. Summer campaigns are heating up! Check out the latest GOP candidates who have started campaigning to represent Middletown:
Suzio for state senator for the 13th district
Len Suzio seeks another term as State Senator for the 13th District:
Remember as a freshman state rep Suzio took on the gas tax & the early release of violent criminals in the nutmeg state. He is back with more fire than ever!

Contribution form for Suzio: HERE

Local Middletown Board of Education member, author, and woman on a mission Linda Syznkowicz has ideas about health care, fixing over spending, and government accountability - she is already giving the old guard a run for their money on the BOE imagine what she can do in Hartford! Check out Syznkowicz and her plans to become the State Rep for the 33rd District here:
Syznkowicz for the 33rd District
Contribution form for Syznkowicz: HERE 
Fernandez for the 100th District

Middletown's Deputy Emergency Management Director, combat veteran, and business owner Angel Fernandez  brings fresh ideas and integrity to the scene. It's about family, follow-through, and forward thinking. Learn more about Fernandez's campaign for the State Rep of the 100th District here:

Contribution form for Fernandez: HERE

All of the above Republican candidates are seeking to make the minimum contributions to qualify for public financing. See the links to the donation forms below. You do not have to be in the district to donate. At the bottom of each form on page 2 is the address of where to mail it and the contribution.


  1. I would donate, you guys have to make the effort to be seen around connecicut. Meet the people. I saw a LIBERAL state Representative in Colchester at the Referendum and you know what?? He got donations, he got his name known. I hope that is what your guys are doing. Send me an email when you get close and Ill send you the minimum donation. That will show me youve been working and my money isnt wasted.

  2. To Anonymous,
    This must be the only article in the Insider that you've read cause you've missed the pictures of the candidates at various events in MIDDLETOWN. I hope that the Liberal candidate that you saw in Colchester is a candidate in that district because otherwise the signatures and donations won't help him qualify for the state election funds. The candidates need to get signatures and donations from the DISTRICTS they serve. Just saying.

  3. Apparently you missed the other articles and pictures showing the candidates at activities in Middletown. They need to collect funds from the districts that they represent so the State Rep that you saw must represent Colchester??? Why don't you take a stand / position and contribute so that you'll have a choice when it comes time to actually vote. In this state controlled by the Democratic party it's an uphill battle to even get to the place where you can spread your message.

  4. Why would you elect Szynkowicz, she has the morals of an alley cat.She should be asked about how many times she has filed for Bankruptcy and her impending Bankruptcy with her husband. Didn't anyone check her background before nominating her?


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