Thursday, June 26, 2014

Len Suzio Campaign 2014: Malloy Administration is Playing Politics with Victims & their Families

Better late that never! Back to run with more fire than ever! Len Suzio!
Suzio at Middletown's Soup Challenge

Today Suzio had this to say on his campaign page in regards to ANOTHER crime committed by a violent offender released early: "This case raises even more questions for former Connecticut Sen. Len Suzio, who has been pushing to change state laws, so criminals don't get out of jail early. 

"More than 40,000 hardened criminals have been released or discharged early under this law from Connecticut prisons in the last two and half years," Suzio said. "Thousands are returning to their lives of crime, committing murder and mayhem in our towns and villages. This law has got to be changed." "
Find out more about Suzio's campaign for the 13th District which encompasses parts of Middletown here:

Date: June 3, 2014
For immediate release:
Contact: Len Suzio 

Former State Senator Len Suzio, Connecticut's leading critic of the Early Release program, cited the organizational meeting of the new Victims' Rights Enforcement Advisory Commission as proof that the Malloy Administration is playing politics with victims and their families.

"Murder, rape, robberies, assaults and other violent crimes are being committed by unreformed criminals let loose under Mike Lawlor's Early Release Law. We know nearly 42,000 criminals have been let loose early under Connecticut's version of the "Get Out of Jail Free Card" and we know that nearly 2 of every 3 of those convicts will return to criminal behavior within 3 years of their release from prison. The release of many of them is terrifying to their victims" said Suzio.

"The Early Release law denies victims and their families justice and it denies them security from their criminal tormentors. If there is an area of lax enforcement of Victims' rights it is the notorious Early Release Law. But the Commission Chairperson, Garvin Ambrose, did not indicate that the fatally flawed law will even be considered by the Commission. How can a Commission charged with enforcing victims' rights overlook Connecticut's most controversial law affecting victims and their families?" questioned Suzio

"The Malloy Administration knows that the public overwhelming rejects the Early Release Law. The new Victims' Rights Enforcement Commission is 'window dressing' intended to take the heat off the Administration for its abandonment of victims. But no Administration that supports the release of tens of thousands of violent criminals of whom 2 of every 3 will return to crime can claim to care about victims or justice", Suzio continued.

I call upon the Governor to charge the new Commission with the responsibility to investigate the impact of the controversial law and to make recommendations regarding its repeal or reform," Suzio proclaimed.

"I will continue to use my position on the Victim Advocate Advisory Committee to challenge Undersecretary Lawlor who continues to cover up this tragically failed public policy," concluded Suzio.

Len Suzio is a member of the Victim Advocate Advisory Committee.

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