Tuesday, May 06, 2014

News from the Tea Party Caucus of Connecticut

Press Release
May 6, 2014

It is very exciting to announce the first slate of candidates to be endorsed by the Tea Party Caucus of the CT GOP Town Committees.  The TPC is a state-wide coalition of Republican Town Committee members dedicated to nominating and electing Conservative candidates who are committed to upholding the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Connecticut and to a smaller, less intrusive and fiscally responsible government.

By majority vote, we, the members of the Tea Party Caucus of the CT GOP Town Committees hereby endorse the following candidates:

For Treasurer – Bob Eick

Bob’s decades of experience in capital investment and business management is what is needed in Connecticut, today.  He has a proven track record of private sector success that can we can “capitalize” on.  Bob will put our fiscal house in order, assuring the soundness of our pension and other investments.

For Attorney General – Kie Westby

Former Marine and Wesleyan University grad, Kie stands for repeal of the State income tax and abandoning Common Core, leaving education decisions in the hands of local school districts and the voters.  He pledges to use the Constitution as “an operations manual” and to support the Bill of Rights.

For Secretary of the State – Peter Lumaj

Peter escaped Communist Albania along with three of his brothers.  His parents and seven other siblings were not so lucky and suffered greatly at the hands of the communist government.  Having actually seen and endured political persecution that actually cost lives gives Peter a unique perspective.  He will diligently protect the integrity of the election process and uphold and defend our Constitutions.

For Lieutenant Governor – Penny Bacchiochi

Penny’s years of service as Representative to Stafford Springs give her the knowledge and experience needed to be an effective liaison between the Governor’s office and the legislature.  She will stand up against high taxes, job-killing over regulation, and federal control over education while working to create a business friendly environment that is conducive to job growth and preserving our civil rights.

For Governor – Martha Dean

A nationally known, highly successful and well respected attorney, Martha will reign in an out of control and over reaching state government that is apathetic to the needs and plight of our Citizens, including Justina Pelletier.  She has worked in business and constitutional law, is an advocate for preserving the environment and wants to overhaul the family law system (that is currently failing our state’s families) and to preserve the civil rights of all Connecticut residents.  Martha will get our fiscal house in order, work to reduce business crippling regulation, repair and modernize our state transportation system and assure local control over our children’s education.

All of these candidates recognize the connection between the Right of every Citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and the State and a free and open society where liberty is preserved for all.  Without the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and Article 1, Section 15 of the Connecticut Constitution, all other civil rights are in jeopardy of falling to the whims or tyranny of the powerful.  This slate of candidates will assure that future generations have the Right and opportunity to defend themselves, their families and the State.

This team represents Connecticut’s best hope for reversing decades of legislative and administrative mismanagement.  Their goals and values are similar, enabling them to work in harmony toward creating a prosperous, well educated, free and safe state where all Citizens can enjoy the blessings of Liberty.

William Boylan


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  1. Addendum to the Press Release of May 6:

    Martha Dean's surprise withdrawal from the gubernatorial race on Friday caused the Tea Party Caucus of the CT GOP Town Committees to reconvene for an "emergency" vote, in order to select another candidate for endorsement.

    As a result of that vote, held Saturday, Joe Visconti has the endorsement of the Tea Party Caucus. Joe's broad appeal to Caucus members stems from a combination of his unwavering support of the civil rights of individuals, (in particular the right of all citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state), his background as a blue collar construction worker, his dedication to creating a business friendly environment and his commitment to keeping education in the hands of parents and local school boards by opposing Common Core.

    William Boylan, Chairman


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