Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Elections Results Middletown 2013



  1. I want to thank everyone who supported me and our GOP team and opportunity to be a council candidate.. We worked very hard door to door and with only a fraction of the funds the dems had. I'm very proud to be part of the GOP and we all always work hard for the citizens of Middletown.
    Congrats to all that won on both parties and good luck.

  2. Yeah Nick !!! Job well done !!!! Wish ya Got in !

  3. Just tells me we need to do a better job reaching out to the public finding out what they are interested in locally.

    I want to thank everyone for voting yesterday. I hope you continue to stay involved in the process and what is going on at City Hall.

  4. GOP did not make the gains hoped for but did maintain four seats on Council despite two challenges within the party for those seats. The voters of Middletown want leaders on both sides of the aisle. That much, they did get right!


  5. Mr. Fazzino

    Next time you run for office be careful who writes you letters of support for fund raisers. Heard you lost a lot of support by that love letter critizing people for not attending your dance. Now the 3 of you can dance to Sweet Caroline.

  6. The D's threatened people with retaliation for going to the dance- they got called out! What love letter? They are just embarrassed they got caught being ridiculous!
    Shame on any republican or other who doesn't call out this behavior and pretends it isn't happening.

    Mayor Drew is keeping non networked people off city commissions on purpose and not giving people raises if they have relatives who are active in politics in this town and don't support him. People are naive and need to wake up. Its not about being nice, its about saying the truth no matter if it hurts to hear it.


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