Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Why Being Involved in local politics is important

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Email sent to my son's Social Studies teacher after she gave him an essay calling America's entry into WWII Imperialism;
Hi Mrs. Alford,
I was just reading over JJ's homework assignment and I must admit, I am most dismayed by the evident bias found in the article. I understand you may justify the use of this article as a tool for the development of critical thinking skills, but this choice is too misleading to be of any educational value.
For example, the paragraph on WWII was downright bizarre. The writer pretty much contorted himself into a pretzel to present America's Imperialism as the driving force behind our entry into WWII. Our persuading Japan to open up its borders does not in any way equate with alleged imperialist acts on our part. Worse still, no mention of the Nazis and the nobility of our fight to free Europe from tyranny. I was further offended by the paragraph on Panama. There is no mention of the great benefits Panama enjoyed as a result of the construction of the canal nor the most important fact....we gave them the canal! The acts of paying them rent and ultimately giving them the canal is the opposite of Imperialism.
I shall be showing this article to the history professor at Middlesex Community College where I teach to get his input on Cuba and the Phillipines (he's Cuban). I understand that America has engaged in some shameful episodes in the past. Clearly some of the information in this article is true. Unfortunately, however, this article is so distorted in the two above mentioned areas, the author has lost all credibility. Like many parents (much conversation on the internet) I am concerned about the anti-American propaganda being taught to our children, propaganda which will only get worse under Common Core Curriculum.
Judith de Graffenried, Middletown

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