Monday, October 21, 2013

Candidate Bio: John Kilian for Mayor Realistic Balance Party of Middletown

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Candidate Bio: Mayoral Candidate John Kilian 
Realistic Balance Party of Middletown
Education: University of Notre Dame, United States Army Intelligence Center and School Advanced Individualized Training, CCSU BS Computer Science, CCSU BSED, United States Army Medic Advanced Individualized Training, Goodwin College AD Nursing, Army Medical Department Medical Information Officer training, U.S. Army Medical Captian's Career Course

Work:  Hartford Hospital Senior Distributed Systems Engineer, Army National Guard Nurse, USA Hockey Referee

Why do you want to hold public office in Middletown? I believe I can help our city to be a better place if my talents and energies are applied to shaping our future.

What experience do you bring to the table? My military and medical experience provide me with a perspective that could help guide our community to be more cohesive and healthy. Selfless service is a key ethical cornerstone of my approach to team building.

What do you think the town's most pressing issue is? The culture of immediate gratification threatens to erode the ground work that needs to be set for the next generation to thrive.

What do you love most about Middletown?
 It is a beautiful place with an awesome downtown. The river is on of my favorite places, too. I'd be more open to mud volleyball if they cranked down the music a few decibels. Who needs the hearing loss?

What do you like to do for fun?
 I like to tango, boating, and going for hikes in blizzard conditions in the Colorado back country.

How can residents keep up with you?  Cut down on the junk food and work out a few times a week.

Update: A open letter to Mayor Drew sent by John Kilian "Uniform Drug Use" 
October 18, 2013
     I want to thank you for providing an open door to me to discuss matters I know we both consider vital to our community. Whatever frustration I may be experiencing with the City with respect to ballot access is balanced by the political equity you have shown to me and my party. You clearly are determined to fight for every vote in the City by tirelessly demonstrating consideration for everyone, to the extent that I feel grateful that my daughter is too young to vote. That cupcake scene is right up her alley.

   I have a fairly clear view of drug use by people in uniform, in general. The power of narcotics compromises the will power of even the most disciplined people. Drug use is a common occurrence in the military, especially among servicemembers returning from Afghanistan. When servicemembers are found to be using, it makes for a quick end to their career. However, the Army does provide its soldiers the opportunity to apply for rehab in an effort to remedy their addiction. Similar interventions for civil servants who would otherwise be kicked to the curb are in everyone's best interest.


John Kilian, RN

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