Friday, October 18, 2013

What the Mayor received for house warming gifts.

It is has come to the attention of The Middletown Insider staff, that our beloved Mayor Daniel X. Drew has bought a brand spanking new house in the Wesleyan Hills/Long Hill Road area of Middletown. After numerous days of waiting and filing freedom of information act reports, the MI staff is finally able to disclose what Middletown public officials gave to Dan and the gang.

Mayor Drew wants to add lights to the bridge at an annual cost to taxpayers of almost $750,000 a year

1. A tube of tooth paste

2. Dry Wall

3. Cheap plastic toy- all 3 are from The Chinese Embassy

The Chinese symbol for "Drew come to China an bring no jobs"

4. LED light bulbs for the Arrogoni Bridge from CT Light and Power aka Electric Mafia.

5. A Fat Belly Automatic Trash compactor to match those ones on Main Street priced at $5k from the town's Water and Sewage Department.

6. Free Parking Pass from Gene Thazzie.
Since Drew has been in office, he has taken away free parking time for motorists downtown and added more fees. Why? He has a huge hole in his budget to fill- which means the taxpayers have to pay more tickets and fees!

7. Congressional waiver that exempts Dan Drew and his family from Obamacare from John Larson and Red Rosa DeLauro

Over the years CT Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has attended many benefits and fundraisers that support Communist groups and their allies.  Do a Google search on your own for this one.

8. Driving Lessons from Jim O'Rourke.
On the night of January 21, 2009 former Democratic member of the Connecticut House of Representatives was allegedly involved in events related to the hypothermia death of a 41 year old Rocky Hill woman.

9. A life time pass for the "Busway to Nowhere" good til the end of time from Gov. Dannel Malloy.

10. Framed copy of the Bill of Rights from Common Council Candidate Angel Fernandez.

11. Twisted grapevines from Candidate Stephen Devoto's California vineyard. More twisted than his stunt to bring a Patch photo to the Town Clerk's office to claim that GOP members attendance at a Realistic Balance function should be evidence enough they support his lawsuit- and they say it's the Republicans that are money hungry! 
A great example of a Limousine Liberal.  SHD acts and talks like a common person, but has much money and is always looking to sue because he is a righteous dude.  Most poor people don't send their daughters to Choate Rosemary High School ($28,000 a year), have ownership in a vineyard,  own a farm and  have the ability to bathe in money. He will give it up for the cause if he feels there is money to be made. Buddies around with such notables as Mark "600,000 a year" Masselli and Ed "Put all the $ in the McDonough District" McKeon.  (Note: The photo is from the Devoto Vineyard in California)

12. Paint in "Commune Cerulean" from Candidate Steven Smith on behalf of his Blue House LLC colleagues.

13. A singing telegram from Phillip Pessina with backup vocals from Mary Bartolotta. "Happy B-day Mr. Maaaahhhyor." in a performance that eerily mocks former sexpot Marilyn Monroe.

14. DVD of "Evita" from Matthew Lesser. OLE!

15. Port-o-Potty from the first selectmen of Cromwell.

16. Shovel from John Milardo.

17. A little taste of the GREEN from Mark Masselli and the CHC. P.S. Did you know that Mark Masselli makes over $600,000 a year and his company pays zero dollars in taxes?Non-profit my arse!

18. Hot tub court from the Serras on a fresh concrete pad.

19. Fully paved driveway from......................

20. Calculator from Council Linda Salafia

21. Broom & spittoon from Fred Carroll
Fred Carroll serves as a members of "Bums for Brooms" and helps to clean Middletown by sweeping away dirt.  He is also member of the Realistic Balance Party.

22. Home brewed gluten free organic farm fed low fat beer from the Village District on behalf of Ed4Ed. The catch to this gift is that Dan has to share the beer on certain occasions, but has to be labeled the enemy of the village when Bob Landino comes to town.

23. Flashlight from Councilwoman Deb Kleckowski.

24. A home Visit from David Messenger courtesy of the know it all Energy Czar and murder advocate John Hall.

26. Free Swimming pool fill up from Guy Russo

27. Scented candle from Ava Hart. (Ava Hart who?)

28. Recycled recycling bin from James Streeto.

Former Councilman (2x) will do anything he is asked by his party superiors.  He will run for whatever office they choose or will quit his job in order to give the council a vote to ensure a super-majority when they need it.  Every other year his lawn is littered with more Democratic sign making his yard look like a home in fear.
29. Recycled recycling bin from James Streeto.

30. Mustache wax from former Councilman Earle Roberts.

31. Orange ski cap and an artistic photo of a sunset, card unsigned

32. Gift card from a new local boutique.

33. Entertainment from Councilman Gerald Daly and the Blueman Group on the show mobile.

34. A no trespassing sign and a deadbolt from Commissioner Molly Salafia.

35. Video Conferencing/Skype from IT Department so Danny can stay out of city hall even more than before.

36. In- Law suite from Councilman Bob Santangelo, furnished with a live Lisa Santangelo

37. Yard work from the Stamford Public Works Dept. courtesy of Big Dannel

38. Bleach so he can clean his soul from Procter and Gamble Inc.

39. Blu-ray copy of "Cider House Rules" co-starring Commissioner Les Adams

40. Coasters from the bar at Mezzo Grille from Treasurer Quentin Phipps.

41. A map to the most fattening (most tasty?) drive-thrus in town  from Candidate for Mayor John Kilian aka Carlos Tango. And a signed copy of his book.

42. $10,000 to revamp your home office to mirror your town office which is getting $10,000 of the town's CNR money to change it. Can you imagine? Spending $10K to revamp one's office in today's economy. Why should this guy get $10,000 of your money to change his office? If Dan where a Republican the villagers would have a protest!

43. Martian rock paperweights from Councilwoman Hope Kasper

44. Repossession of his backyard by the Conservation Commission for use as open space. Only North End residents allowed free, others must pay $25 fee.

45. Kiwi shoe polish kit from Tommy

46. Balls (juggling) from Dic Wheeler

47. Tickets to the Hyannis Ferry for a weekend retreat on the family compound from Common Council Candidate Ryan Kennedy

Back in the early 1990s, Sam G. gave out a boatload of potholders with his name on it.. This force of culinary power assisted the mustached one to a small marginal victory over his opponent Edward Munster (yes, real name) on two separate occasions.  It wasn't until Rob Simmons in 1998, with assistance from the CIA, defeated G. putting a final end to Gejdenson potholder mania in Connecticut.
48. Sam Gejdenson pot holder from Sam Gejdenson.

49. Martini shaker & wooden deer lawn ornament from former Mayor Dominque Thornton.  (Note: Many years ago, it was alleged that then Mayor Thornton had a hit and run situation with a citizen's lawn ornament that resembled Bambi.  According to sources close to city hall, the matter was settled for a city job and a ride in MN1 without the mayor driving)

50. Matching "His" & His" towels from Chief of Staff Joe Samolis

51. Post card from a tropical paradise from Michael Frechette

52. Charter cliff notes on Middletown's Charter signed "Sebby G".


  1. KiWi shoe polish from Tommy. LOL. Black of course.

  2. I am willing to loan him a DeVoto lawn sign, at least until he is put back on the RnB line. After that, Steve won't need the help.

  3. If you have to explain your satire, its not funny!

  4. Too funny! Explainations appreciated!

  5. Most of this stuff is true and I agree 2:11 P.M. the captions are a riot. How about a new one on the Police Chief getting in trouble with drugs or the councilman getting his son, the teacher out of trouble at MHS after he tossed down a miniority student!

  6. You people are so immature.

  7. Dear ANON 4:21 P.M.

    THey are very immature, but you know what? We need this site, the liberals control Patch/Eye and Press but this Insider thing is definitely full of juice..

  8. some people have a sense of humor and my guess is the @4:21 pm lost his or hers when Johnson was president.

    Sometimes you just need to smile and enjoy life.

  9. Let me get this straight! Devoto and his as you would say, "Limo liberals" are against the entire Bob Landino Starbucks project, and recently Devoto and his "Limo Liberals" forced a primary to beat one of the Dems.. Does one really think that Devoto is going to abandon his base of "GREEN" folks and support Dan Drew (in favor of this Landino travesty) if he is elected? Stephen will get elected and sell out like ED4ED did, it's easier that away.. The mayor and his cronies will get their Starbucks and Jeff B. will get his money. All liberals who act one way and do another when it suits them. Will Stephen go against the machine if he is elected! THe folks at WES warned him 2x not to primary Joe S. awhle back and he backed down.

  10. I would bet the bank, the mayor will make sure to clear the chief of his problems. I found it funny he said he wouldn't have the chief drug tested. The chief said he was demanding a investigation. As soon as drug testing came up if was deer in the headlights and, no no,,,no need.
    Really? Any cop without political backing would be automatically ordered to undergo a drug test. Why not do it to prove it!

  11. You forgot to mention how many cars Stephen owns.. It's crazy! He claims to not own a "television" , but in today's world owning an IPHONE and IPAD and various computers counts?? Don't believe the hype!

  12. Drew botched the snow storm last year turning away the NATIONAL GUARDS HELP! oh holy smokes batman!


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