Saturday, October 26, 2013

Candidate Bio: David Bauer (R) for Common Council

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Candidate For Common Council David Bauer(R)
I was born, raised, and schooled in Middletown. As a three-term Common Councilman, I have served on most of the council committees and commissions.
Ask any municipal employee, and they will tell you that they run the city of Middletown, and they are correct. 

Your elected officials are your representatives, to direct and guide the employees who are running Middletown. The critical “check and balance” is between the mayor and the council, where the mayor manages the city workforce and the council should manage the future of city government. This relationship is mandated in Middletown's charter, where the council controls both the charter and the city's finances.

Every candidate pays lip service to “your tax bill” and city services, but the cost and delivery of municipal government cannot improve until the council dedicates itself to its mandated duty to articulate a financial future for Middletown.

If elected, my pledge is to make the council challenge the municipal workforce to have a public plan to deliver local services, at a cost we can afford. Such a financial blueprint is the first step in growing the city's grand list, and bringing good jobs back to Middletown.

Towards that goal, I ask for your support on Nov. 5.

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