Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BOE Candidate Forum Tonight!


  1. Pathetic showing of GOP candidates, guess they don't care

  2. All but 1 of the GOP candidates were sick for your information. So rude that they were not offered a chance to reschedule this event! Brian Kaskel was home in bed with pneumonia! IF these had been D candidates you know the event would be canceled! Even ED4ED said they were sick in his commentary on the Eye today!

  3. GOP is always the victim, got it. Brian is legitimately ill, but the other two had the 2 Hour Flu on Wednesday.

  4. As one of the people we is still sick I can tell you it wasn't a 2 hour flu but so far a 72+ hour and still going flu. I apologize to those taxpayers who showed up to hear our positions. I will have them up on here and will talk about them on The Edge and The Variety Hour in the coming two weeks.

    If anyone wants to contact before then they can reach me at
    and I will answer any questions you may have.


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