Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Planning and Zoning is Cancelled aka 100% Road Cleared in Town!

Our graphic is based on dozens of comments from citizens. Not one of which criticized the plow drivers at all, nor do we. We don't blame any worker- they did spectacular jobs and labored long hours- of course we are all grateful for it. Whether the "PLAN" they were given by our executive chief of the city was a good one is still up for debate.
MIDDLETOWN: Planning and Zoning cancelled for February 12, 2013- new meeting going on February 27, 2013

The Planning &Zoning meeting scheduled for tomorrow night will be postponed until February 27, 2013 when the roads and lots (hopefully) are fully cleared. This will ensure that all people interested in attending can attend.

 One needs to understand, if the P/Z meeting that was set for tomorrow night did indeed take place a few non - P/Z questions would have to be answered:

1) Where do folks park? The lot behind The Clock Tower Mall hasn't been touched as of 4:00 P.M. on February 12, 2013.
2) Will the city ever plow (correctly) the lot on deKoven Drive?  When one walks by there, they see all cars parked at an angle in a style that Picasso would envy.
3) Will the city leaders (two of them at least) start using a plan that worked effectively before during storms and blizzards?

The meeting will consider two zoning code text change applications that will affect land use on Washington Street and South Main and around Wesleyan and Middlesex Hospital.


  1. I remember when little boy drew took office. he vowed to change the emergency plan and said it wasn't followed during storm alfred. Inquiring minds want to know if he ever changed it and if it was followed.

  2. I don't know if he changed it or not.. (Recalled the fleet on Friday night! THat is true, ask around), but his new style sucks. At least JULIANO had the streets cleared in 2010 when we had that madness which in all fairness was about 3.2 inches less. Come on DD, stop going to CHINA, and O'Bama's parties to get the free phones. That is what you DEMS get when you elect a non-MIddletown guy. He has no idea what the freak he is doing and on top of that very cocky.. -

  3. Two points: Giuliano rodde with the workers from city yard during a storm to get their perspective on how the city plowing works. Also do you remember during the October storm last year? Dirty Dan and his cohoarts were no where to be found, in fact they faulted the then mayor for openning and working at the shelter set up at MHS. The Dems sided with the BOE in not wanting to help the people that needed it.
    All in all the people will forget the handling of this storm next year, as they did just a few days after the one last year.

  4. Pride goeth before a fall mr drew

  5. Go back to sleep Deb

  6. Our graphic is based on dozens of comments from citizens. Not one of which criticized the plow drivers at all, nor do we. We don't blame any worker- they did spectacular jobs and labored long hours- of course we are all grateful for it. Whether the PLAN they were given by our executive chief of the city was a good one is still up for debate.

  7. On the TV news at noon and to the Press and Patch at the same time, he pronounced 100% of the roads passable when in fact they weren't, some still hadn't been touched. He either outright lied, or perhaps worse, hadn't bothered to check which shows his lack of management. His arrogance and lies will be his downfall, and he doesn't have a shred of cred left. Bet ya even his puppetmasters are distancing themselves from him.

  8. MI - obviously the only plan mr mayor had was to issue press releases with false information, unrealistic promises and self congratulatory statements. It was obvious he had none concerning the actual storm.

  9. THey know you didn't make fun of hte plow or city guys!! IT's obvious! You are busting on the MAYOR and his ridiculous decesions and statements. Good for you! Screw "THEM" and keep it up..

  10. CHINA CHINA CHINA and Washington DC

    How about SNOW plan 2013?

  11. What do you guys expect? WHen he ran in 2011 his resume had more holes than SWISS CHEESE.. DO the research? The Dems wanted him and now they can have him, I love the way those knuckleheads defend him left and right on PATCH and the EYE is now censoring comments from folks that put their namees on them.. Great job media!

  12. The Eye always censors comments. they never post ones that disagree with or are critical of Ed4ED. The Patch was initally tripping over themselves in praise of Drew based on his claim of how well he handled Sandy until too many people wrote in to point out what he was telling the patch wasn't true.

  13. Lesser said on facebook he dug out 20 cars! 20! Self praise much? It me took my brother 2 days to do our 2 cars! And Drew tells the press he rescued 2 3 week old babys by bringing them milk or something- I have a quonze left of respect maybe for this guy if he would just man up and say look- things went south i am sorry

  14. Matt, Quentin & Drew all think they are young big shots and spend days on twitter and facebook giving themselves pat on the back- then Viktoria or Jim Salemi make a story out of it- so sick of this town!

  15. Hello Insider,

    I have been on the Democratic Town Committee since the 70's and in my mid 30's. I support the Mayors efforts during this storm as I did Mayor Guiliano (sorry Julliano !). God has a way of letting us know how small we are in the grand scheme of things by the wrath of nature as we have experinced.

    I also applaud Mr. Dodd's letter you printer (laugh Mr. Dodge) it was well written and did not cross party lines which you sometimes phsycotic following of bloggers usually does. It was good reading as I myself was shuttered in, in the area of South District thank you Mr. Dodge. :)

    On to my last comment about South District. I am a former Commissioner from the late 1970's. I was appauld as I drov the District I use to represent concerning the status of the District's infastructure and lact there off. It was completely shut down.

    I deceided to check out Main St. Fire House. They were operational and available for calls. I drove by Hunters Ambulance after seeing another of your posters trying to stir public unrest by showing pictures from their second floor apartment behind Hunters making the public to beleive the were all in jepordy if there was an emergency. This was not factual reporting and all the Hunters employees were parked across the street at Dunkin Donuts. Hunters main Aparatus deployment area (Washington St.) was fully accessible and it was not nice what the poster was trying to make the public think.

    The last I would like to share is that I finally drove by Westfeild Fire Department at the end of my journey. I was trully disgusted with the way the roads were in the Westlake area which Westfeild Fire serves. Not only on Sunday morning wer this District's roads open but it looked like the Daytona 500 because ALL the roads were clear not just passable with one pass.

    If you look at all the complaints that were logged by taxpayers they were all South of Washington Street. Not to lay blame but it does lend to suspicion wjen all the foreman and the # 2 person at City yard are Weslake Fireman. The # 2 guy is Westlake's Cheif. He is the person who you talk to at City Yard and Dispatches the plow trucks were to go and feilds taxpayers complaints. The Water and Sewer Supervisor is alson a high ranking Fire official as well as a retired Fire Cheif At City Yard. This is what needs to be investagated. As a taxpayer and a South District gerriatric octogenarian who needs medical service from time to time I was Floored. Floored that Westlake Fire Department made sure their district was accessable at all times and I could have been just getting picked up off my living room floor cold and ready for the pine box.

    Reveiw the coplaints from taxpayers please this is serious. All the complaints come from South of Washington Street and I hope you investagate thi and not blame it all on the kid on Dekoven Drive (although he let Wetsfeild Fire go runshot over the City) I bet Tom Serra's road was clear even before it stopped snowing.

    Thank You if you post this tirade. Mike

  16. Thank you for the clarification about the Hunter Ambulance photo- we do apologize for the confusion. We did add a Editor's note from the photographer clarifying the situation after posting.

    We appreciate your "tirade" as you call it. We don't find our followers/bloggers/readers anymore psychotic or bias that one should find those at other media outlets and newspapers. We are going to take psychotic as a compliment. Although we lean towards an "alternative" delivery method, we stand by our intent to be truthful.

    Thank you truly, for your perspective as one of most senior community members! We can only hope you or someone with equal wisdom about Middletown is consulted by the powers that be if any future storms arise-

    If you wish to elaborate in a letter to the editor more on what would have made the plan for this storm go smoother, which you infer and we hope is investigated, or share how storm's were tackled when you were a commissioner, it would be a great lesson for all.

    With gratitude & respect,
    Middletown Insider Staff


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