Saturday, January 19, 2013

City Personnel Conundrum

Earlier in the week, Mayor Drew made Deputy Personnel Director "Acting" Personnel Director. Why is this relevant? The whole idea behind Mayor Drew and his super duper special Task Force on Government Efficiency was to eliminate the Personnel Department and consolidate it into the City Attorney's office to "save tax payers money." Or so was Mayor Drew's cover story for offering  golden handshakes and pay-outs to a few departmental director's he wished to give the boot to make way for more politically advantageous individuals of his and the Democrats' choosing. The issue? This document called the Middletown Charter.
     According to the Charter, (and why the Mayor is only NOW reading this is another cause for concern), the Personnel Director must preside over the Personnel Review Committee. Now that Mayor Drew wants to get Officer Michael Timbro sworn in as Deputy Police Chief as fast as possible, this process becomes is cause concern. The third City Attorney position is rumored to be promised to Attorney and former Democratic Councilwoman Phrances Szewczyk
     According to sources,the position, which has not been posted as of yet, is being left unfilled until April when Szewczyk's prior commitments end and it is convenient for her to step into the job. The Government ReOrg report aka "Blue Ribbon Report" has the third City Attorney taking on the role of the Personnel Director's duties. How this will work when it does not adhere to Charter rules has yet to be determined and is a quesiton for new City Attorney Brigham Smith. Sources claim that Smith has close ties to Fairfield county and  Govenor Malloy; if true this  could explain how an Attorney from Michigan found such a position. A more reasonable explanation than the attorney was visiting family in Farmington and fell in love with Main Street. Whatever. The Insider welcomes Smith to our humble abode and wish him well.
     If the Personnel Dept. is not to be eliminated the the Democratic Majority and Mayor are leading the public to believe is the whole purpose behind the reorganization, where is the cost savings that justified the  retirement packages ?


  1. Another reason why Drew should have just fired Milardo instead of giving her a golden handshake. It's not like he didn't have a file full of reasons, the least of which she wasn't qualified!

  2. He's a Democrat, he's allowed to lie.

  3. Ok - not addressing all the other issues posted here because I don't know anything about them to speak on-

    But can someone shed the light about the issues with Timbro?

    He's an amazing- hardworking- honest- and caring man-

    I've known him since highschool- he was one to make friends with even the out casts. His wife is also an amazing person- they've raised their boys well- and are role models to our community.

    I hate all the bickering- its been said that the issue isn't about timbro but about due process- yet I read this as a slap against him.

    Timbro is loved by both parties- and deserves this promotion- keep politics out of what is right for our town- police force- and timbro.

    Goodness- you could not get a more decent man for this position- a man grown from Middletown- raised his family here- and is invested in what's right for our town.


  4. To Anonymous 12:21. Can you enlighten me as to how I was not qualified for the position? I applied for an was qualified by the Personnel Department; competed in a testing process of which I came in 2nd and had to be vetted by the Common Council. All the "rules" concerning appointment were followed so what exactly are you basing your opinion/claim on? It is very easy to hide behind the label "Anonymous" and since I no longer work for the City I encourage you to be man or woman enough to respond with your real name, just as I am posting this with mine. Just curious but if I were a betting woman I would guess that I recommended or disciplined YOU for failure to perform your job sometime over the past 16 years. Debra Milardo

  5. They say a picture says a 1000 words, and you insider, picked the perfect picture for this article.


    The LInk above may explain why some folks have a problem with the new deputy chief of police in Middletown.

  7. our article takes no issue with Timbro.

  8. You can't re-write history and there are plenty of people who remember the "DNQ" (as in does not qualify) on Debbie Milardo's application.

  9. Anonymous 11:54. Look again. I submitted supplemental information that "qualified" me for the position. Hiding behind the tag of "anonymous" shows your character. Did I discipline you? Fail to hire your brother or sister? Not give you a promotion because you failed a test or were not qualified? HR professionals aren't on the job to make friends and certainly you have proved that point. This was 16 years ago. I've moved on. You should try it yourself... While this has been fun, I'm pretty sure I have better things to do than to debate with a faceless coward. Print your name and lets have a meaningful dialogue even if it is to disagree. Otherwise, football is on... Debra Milardo

  10. Hard to believe that the personnel director was qualified when she can't even spell! It looks like grammar and punctuation aren't strengths either.

  11. I love all how all the Milardo haters just toss something out there without anything to base it on.. These are the same folks who have had a blind eye to the current administration's (DREW) bastardization of the charter and the power play done by the Serras to retake the town.. It's all about power- nothing more- nothing less!

  12. Hahaha....I find it ironic how Deb is saying she has a moved on. Yet, she is blogging. Deb, you played whatever side of the fence you had to in order to survive in the hell whole. You know what you've done. Don't act like you are holy. Not everyone can put their name like you have done now, since your retired with a sweet pay-out. Some of us still need our jobs to pay for our x wives, drinking issues, gambling issues etc etc. so enjoy your retirement. You don't have to prove your qualified anymore. Besides no one will ever really be anyway.

  13. Vetted by the common council means the 6 dems were told how to vote.

  14. You mean the 8 Dems and the 1 Republican who kisses Dem behind every meeting.

  15. Wasn't Debra Milardo given this job when she only has a High School Education? Correct me if I'm wrong Milardo's. Was this ok but everyrthing else is wrong? SEEK THE TRUTH?

  16. Milardo and her high school education are going to cost the city more than just the millions in the golden handshake. Her abysmal legacy of negotiating rich contracts and botched personnel decisions will cost the city dearly. It's time to hire a professional HR Director, not an attorney or hair dresser with connections.

  17. So I read the article on Timbro- and here's what I got from it.

    He was driving home and wanted to pass a police blocked area and they wouldn't let him- he got pissed and went anyway- no charges were filed against him.

    WOW lock him up and throw away the freaking key!
    Are you kidding me?????

    IF he did that- and he had an unpaid leave - then he's done his time- move on- no ones made a mistake?

    And speaking of mistake- if a police officer thinking they can navigate around traffic laws is a crime- you better fire most cops in the state- and ambulance drivers too!

    Sit on the corner of new field and rt 66 and watch HOW MANY TURN ON SIRENS TO RUN RED LIGHTS! I watched one ambulance driver do that and turn into the Dunkin donuts drive thru!

    Frankly - the scene sounded a little political to me-
    And this town is riddled with political agendas any desire I had towards civic duty- after reading comments in blogs that attack people- their filies- destroy their characters- for seemingly small
    Stuff- scares me away!

    Holy Cow- all the good in Timbro - and people are focused on an allegation of not listening to a roadblock to get home to see tht his family was safe in a storm.

    The town players need some social classes - you know the kind that teach people how to be kind with those you disagree with- and how to play nice! Basic kindergarten skills.

    Vote Timbro in already-



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